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  1. Zach M

    Factory Spray-In Liner Issue

    My 23 looks different but centered at least
  2. Zach M

    Eclipse shots.

    A few hours south of STL. Fortunately the clouds weren’t too bad. The sky was much darker than the pic indicates. Shot on iPhone 15 from the tailgate of a Gen3.
  3. Zach M

    Front dash center speaker comes on but no other speakers

    Mine appears to happen mostly after remote start. Switching to FM then back to CarPlay usually fixes it.
  4. Zach M

    3 years, 11 months, and 46,132 miles I finally get Cam Phaser problem

    Just had my cam phasers done on my ‘19 @ ~25k. No software update prior. Tuned w/ Goose E50. Flashed back stock. No issues with the dealership. I’d expect 2+ weeks due to diagnosis, ordering parts, other vehicles in line, etc. That was my experience (Lou Fusz in Chesterfield). LGB!