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  1. pigwet

    COBB tuning Raptor tune

    Has COBB added a transmission tune yet?
  2. pigwet

    2019 Raptor - 2 dead batteries within 12 months

    I had a similar issue with another car and it was due to my radar detector. It was plugged into the OBD port and it was preventing the car from sleeping.
  3. pigwet

    Keyfob Boosting - Thefts

    They fixed this problem with a very simple solution, you can setup the car to have require a pin to be typed in prior to driving.
  4. pigwet

    Ford invests 500 million in Rivian ...

    I have a Tesla model 3. It's amazing. I would love this performace in a truck.
  5. pigwet

    F150 hybrid and all electric coming

    Look at the 600ftlbs in the new Lincoln Aviator. Holy smokes.
  6. pigwet

    7.3 Gasser announced

    I'd do diesel
  7. pigwet

    America and a Raptor

    Where is this enormous flag?
  8. pigwet

    Just about done with the graphics.....

    Love that color.
  9. pigwet

    2018 Raptor on Kia lot!?@?

    Step in a Kia Telluride and you'll see hiw far the explorer interior needs to go.
  10. pigwet

    Venomrex 602 17" Wheel Sale - Buy 3 Get 1 Free!!!!

    Best wheel for raptor period. Make your truck accelerate and brake like it should by getting a set.
  11. pigwet

    Enkei RPT1 Wheels

    Not my favorite.
  12. pigwet

    GEN 2 Glove box scratches

    I wrap large plastic parts with 3M air release carbon fiber wrap. Cheap and installs easily. Wont fix you issue but could prevent it again. Search amazon.
  13. pigwet

    Carpet Floor Mats

    I ran ford carpet mats. Fine but not super high quality.
  14. pigwet

    2018 Raptor - Cold Cup Holders

    Definitely cool in mine.
  15. pigwet

    Unmarried COBB

    I have an COBB updated with latest firmware that needs a new home. Can you all confirm that this is unmarried properly? It was "uninstalled" from vehicle and there is no longer a VIN stored from what I can tell. 20190619_055541 by pigwet posted Jun 19, 2019 at 6:04 AM20190619_055453 by pigwet...
  16. pigwet

    GEN 2 NEW: 17” Vorsteiner Venom Rex Flow Forged Wheels

    I can definitely feel a difference in tip in acceleration. Is it really any faster? Maybe, but I also have a tune and it's certainly nowhere near the gain of a tune. Where I notice a HUGE difference is in braking. Feels so much better coming to stop in daily driving. Really happy with the setup.
  17. pigwet

    GEN 2 Lead Foot Grey Screw with 2019 OEM Spoked Wheels

    Very nice! My version with VenomRex 602s below, sans beadlocks.