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  1. Rookie

    Gen 2 Rear Bumper FOR SALE

    double post
  2. Rookie

    Gen 2 Rear Bumper FOR SALE

    Tizz if this is available and willing to ship, I'll buy.
  3. Rookie

    6.2 What the hell do I do with....

    I’ve had a couple people ask about that. I did mine around 4K miles so I was working with a new truck but I know a few people have broke the dipstick getting it out. It should just slip out. You may just have to be prepared for replacing it if it breaks.
  4. Rookie

    GEN 2 Chase Rack/ tire carrier/ bed storage

    According to the website, they have that fitted to the 17+ but the pictures show a gen 1. Bumping for more input. I would love to see an XRD Bed Rack for the Gen 2 but they seem to have disappeared from the market.
  5. Rookie

    Eibach lift springs

    Just to throw my 2 cents in... I bought my truck with 15k miles on it and these were already installed. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because I knew something was off, the ass sat too low for stock. Even with mild towing it looks like a hoopty driving down the street. I do...
  6. Rookie

    Quick Heads up on DIY Oil Change

    I haven't changed my gen 2 yet but on the gen 1 I always took the entire skid plate down. An impact with the socket on it will have it down in 2 min. Makes getting to things a lot easier and no mess.
  7. Rookie

    5 OEM beadlocks- Los Angeles-SOLD

    If you decide to split/ship, let me know. Thanks.
  8. Rookie

    4 Factory Beadlocks with tires and TPMS

    Let me know if you’re willing to separate your personal set.
  9. Rookie

    OEM beadlock wheels/tires

    Let me know if you decide to separate. I will be in Minneapolis Labor Day week.
  10. Rookie

    IMPORTANT: Official FRF Decals

    Are you going to be offering the FRF Decals now?
  11. Rookie

    Murdered out Little Red Riding Hood -- Build Thread

    Hahaha. Floats better than steel I hope. I’ve been looking for a week or so and stumbled across that and had to get it.
  12. Rookie

    Murdered out Little Red Riding Hood -- Build Thread

    Too late. On my way home right now grinning ear to ear.
  13. Rookie

    2010 6.2 Hellion Twin Turbo Raptor

    Still available?
  14. Rookie

    Got my new leadfoot SCAB!!!

  15. Rookie

    Testing testing one two

    Month late. Logged in just to chat with you. Darn it.
  16. Rookie

    Testing testing one two

    Damn it Joe. I've done really good sticking to my plan. Lol. This is a beautiful truck and I would snatch it in a heart beat if I was in the market. I'm not in the market and I was still running the numbers. Haha. I will say, NADA clean retail with the factory upgrades puts it at $35k. I...
  17. Rookie

    FREE: Starter/Lug Nuts/Dually Covers

    I have a used starter for trucks manufactured I believe November 2012-2014. It came off a 2013 but they switched starters after November of 2012. Worked fine when I took it off but the plastic that holds the positive post broke. Not service effecting though. I also have a bag of lug nuts and 4...
  18. Rookie

    Newbie checkin' in from Texas

  19. Rookie

    Bellevue, WA

  20. Rookie

    New Raptor Owner in Detroit

  21. Rookie

    2014 Raptor basically new

    Maybe for about $52k.
  22. Rookie

    Starter Motor Bolts?

    I'm pretty sure it was. All I remember is it was in the engine bay fuse assembly and I think it was on the far left. I swapped it with another matching one to determine if it was good or bad.
  23. Rookie

    Starter Motor Bolts?

    Not positive, you'll have to check the manual.
  24. Rookie

    2017 Ford Raptor: High Resolution Photos

    Between the driver and fuel tank being on the driver's side it is enough to see a lean. Upgraded leafs will take care of it. There have been a few threads about it with some entertaining concern on what was causing it.
  25. Rookie

    San Diego newbie