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  1. Sharpie69

    Venomrex 601BL bronze

    Haha, okay :cool:
  2. Sharpie69

    Venomrex 601BL bronze

  3. Sharpie69

    2017 to 2020 bump stop strike plates svc offroad

    Can you post a picture please
  4. Sharpie69

    10R80 issues - P0C29

    I did see that, I wasn't sure if you were being serious, thanks for the response
  5. Sharpie69

    10R80 issues - P0C29

    How do you go about getting the transmission up to temperature in order to get the proper reading?
  6. Sharpie69

    10R80 issues - P0C29

    I've been following this thread ,I like the idea of having a drain plug, that'll be one of my next mods, what method are you using for making sure that you have refilled the transmission to the proper level? TIA
  7. Sharpie69

    Hood Protector for 2023

    I have the Aeroskin for my 17, I think it looks great, do they not have it for the 23 ?
  8. Sharpie69

    New Owner San Diego Cali

    Just curious, how much is a "great price " ? What does it have for mileage ? Pictures please
  9. Sharpie69

    New Owner CT

    Over the top?!?!
  10. Sharpie69

    New Owner CT

    I also have the Lightning Blue 2017, it's at 131k now and still running strong, keep up with the maintenance and you should have years of Raptoring :cool:
  11. Sharpie69

    New Owner CT

    Welcome to the forum, how much is a lot of miles" ? Where in Ct ?
  12. Sharpie69

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Beautiful truck and congratulations, What did you install for a kill switch?
  13. Sharpie69

    Welcome to (!

    Okay guys, I only had a small number of these two styles printed up for now, I wanted to see how things would work out first. I guess, if you want to "place an order " , PM me with your address and when I receive the Venmo of $4 ea. Sticker (limit to one of each style for now) I will mail them...
  14. Sharpie69

    Welcome to (!

    Corey finally came through, now just need to figure out how to distribute, open to suggestions
  15. Sharpie69

    Checking in from Illinois

    It's that Starbucks next to the circle K !!
  16. Sharpie69

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Well, now I'm gunna have to take a closer look at my lug nuts!!! :cool:
  17. Sharpie69

    2019 802a 22,000 miles

    Gorgeous truck, GLWS, I don't think you'll have any problem finding someone who will love this Raptor
  18. Sharpie69

    Welcome to (!

    He can be funny sometimes, he gets busy and goes radio silent for a bit, plus the fact that I've also had a bunch going on so I haven't bugged him, I'm away for the weekend, when I get home I'll turn up the heat!! :cool: . The ball is rolling, I will update next week, I haven't forgotten
  19. Sharpie69

    2017 Raptor For Sale (30k in upgrades) - $47,500

    Really great looking Raptor, GLWS
  20. Sharpie69

    New from Pensacola FL

    Lightning Blue is where it's at !! :cool:
  21. Sharpie69

    Took a hit in Baja

    That sucks, I'm always afraid of some dumb ass doing that as I drive past, good luck with getting it taken care of