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  1. Venti Raptor

    GEN 2 What else is in your garage?

    I came to this thread assuming I would feel poor afterwords. Did not disappoint. Beautiful stable ya'll have ladies and gents.
  2. Venti Raptor

    Need Part # Clip for Trim Piece above Glove Box

    Awesome! Thank you for the link!
  3. Venti Raptor

    Need Part # Clip for Trim Piece above Glove Box

    Anyone know the PN for the little white plastic fastener that goes on the trim piece above the glove box? I naturally broke one while accessing the conveniently located cabin filter.
  4. Venti Raptor

    Power Seat kinda not working

    It turned out to be a loose connection with the seat. Everything looked good and connected but apparently it was ever so off. Simple unplug replug the connection and viola seat has been perfect again since.
  5. Venti Raptor

    Power Seat kinda not working

    Okay so today I noticed my power driver seat isn’t working properly. It goes forward and backward to memory positions and when starting/exiting the truck but it’s not moving forward or backward with the control. Still under warranty but dealer is scheduling me for a month from now just wanted...
  6. Venti Raptor

    Fresh Shoes Friday

    Yessir. Not the best shots wife’s jeep is in the way lol.
  7. Venti Raptor

    Fresh Shoes Friday

    Just got some new shoes mounted. Method NV 305 17x8.5 with 25 offset to avoid rubbing
  8. Venti Raptor

    New Member from Metro Detroit!

    Great looking Gen1. Was that the one from Crest Ford? I’ve actually had my vehicles serviced there for basics and they do most of the service on my employers fleet. Never had any trouble with them.
  9. Venti Raptor

    License plate renewal

    Just remember when you all get sick of the commie bullshit in California and finally leave you vote correctly in your new place.
  10. Venti Raptor

    New Raptor 2020 Oxford SCREW - MI

    Just dropping in to start my Raptor journey. Picked up a 2020 Oxford White SCREW with 802a to upgrade from my 2017 FX4 so far loving the upgrade!