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  1. 01Moch1

    Last Floor Jack Post

    You get yours ordered? I went with the 3T. Couldn't find anything on their site about the sale but coupon code BIGGESTSALE took 20% off.
  2. 01Moch1

    Dealer No Longer Fill Coolant/Poss Leak

    I actually ran into very similar situation. Had my 2018 in to the dealer to perform a couple TSBs. I mentioned to the SA that the coolant was just slightly low and asked if they can top it off for me, to which he replied they don't top off coolant because if it is low there's a leak in the...
  3. 01Moch1

    Front diff exploded lol

    Very helpful and constructive. Thank you for your contribution.
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    holy fvck balls....$2,216 for 5 BFG KO2's installed and aligned

    Discount will beat your whatever the Costco price quote is.
  5. 01Moch1

    new from TX!

    I found his off-roader!
  6. 01Moch1

    Purchase BD Amber SAE Lens?

    Just an FYI, there's a difference to the reflector inside the genuine SAE lights. If I'm remembering correctly, the reflectors inside the SAE lights are clear as opposed to the silver mirrored reflectors and all the other lights.
  7. 01Moch1

    Does the Cam Phaser recall now cover every year of the Gen2 (2017-20), and beyond?

    I hope this isn't true about the cutoff being past for warranty extension! I had the dealer order parts for my block heater recall back in September and planned to do the cam phaser TSB and block heater recall at the same time. After not hearing from SA about parts arrival and several...
  8. 01Moch1

    Thoughts on preventative battery change?

    What did you end up doing about your battery? I'm in a similar situation with my late build '18 with just under 20k miles. I first noticed my passenger side intelligent access wasn't working then recently noticed my interior lights don't stay on very long. No cranking issues yet but I have...
  9. 01Moch1

    Ford Ranger Raptor will start at $52,500 MSRP

    I got you! But be careful what you ask for, the Mustang can now go over hedges and curbs to hunt down it's prey while leaving cars and coffee.
  10. 01Moch1

    Rubber trim under headlight trim...what are they?

    Right, but bumper end (maybe I'm using the wrong term here) is where the rubber piece did not stay on the clear plastic strip and rubbed through to bare-metal. Mine looks pretty much just like the second picture on post #8 of this thread, only it's on the RH side.
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    Rubber trim under headlight trim...what are they?

    I recently tried to get me passenger side bumper end repaired under warranty like others have claimed they were able to do but Ford denied the claim. "Normal wear and tear"
  12. 01Moch1

    Is Shell V Nitro power a scam?

    Yes, but how much less could you care?!
  13. 01Moch1

    Ford Perimeter Plus alarm, yea or nay?

    Sounds like we got a regular Nik Blackhurst here...
  14. 01Moch1

    1600 pressure washer

    I came in here to make this recommendation. I plan to try one of these when my wall mounted Karcher goes. OP: obsessed garage offers a great all in one package for this set up if you're starting from scratch on your pressure washer set up...
  15. 01Moch1

    First Truck, first Ford, lovin it so far!

    A big welcome to you from a few exits down 205 in OC. I wish my '18 was white but when buying used, you generally have to compromise somewhere... Looks good, maybe I'll see you on the road sometime
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    GEN 2 GEN2 Oil Drain Plug Valve

    I have the Fumoto valve on my metal panned '18. The valve is somewhat fiddly and difficult to open even when you're trying to, I can't imagine it opening with any jostling or jarring the truck is able to handle off-road even without the plastic safety clip place. The valve is pretty simple and...
  17. 01Moch1

    GEN 2 noise rear ford raptor 2020

    Check your heat shields. I had an annoying rattle that I found to be the heat shield rattling against my fuel tank/skid plate.
  18. 01Moch1

    Leaky 3rd brake light fix?

    I had an old 2007 F-150 screw that I bought slightly used and it started leaking after a year or so. I went to home Depot weather stripping route and never had another problem. It was still dry 6-7 years later when I sold the truck and we get a lot of rain here in the PNW. Good luck!
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    What’s Your Maintenance Wash Routine?

    Been shopping on obsessed garage? I just finished up my modest wall mounted set up very similar to yours but I opted to skip the deionizer. You have more patients than me to maintain that much black real estate. Looks good though
  20. 01Moch1

    Who likes free STUFF? Who likes a good Scavenger hunt? Watch this thread.. Launching SOON!!

    Cool thanks! Got the first decal. Had to pay shipping but figured it was worth a gamble
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    Sayin hello from the PNW

    Lol, I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth; Except I'm only about 20 minutes from the shithole in OC. Glad to have the new Discount Tire shop close to home.
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    GEN 2 Rear seat storage options

    I'm in a similar situation as you with two car seats in the back. I saw this video posted on here a while ago and saved it to build it myself. Haven't gotten around to it yet but it would likely fit the bill for you as well!
  23. 01Moch1

    Forscan question?

    Looks like you already found your answer but I have personally used Forscan using the same free license on my truck, my wife's '16 Expedition and my BIL's '15 Mustang. So yes, shouldn't be a problem.