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    Gen 3 Raptor Squatting + Overlanding

    Put the bags on mind. Pull 6000lb tailer and 5500lb boat. 25lbs of air levels it out. When I am not towing I removed the valve stem. No effect on ride that way. instructions say min 5lbs air. That 5lbs does effect ride. 30 minute install with basic tools. Gen 3 35, running 37 tires.
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    Timbren rear bump stop kit

    I followed the link, read reviews, 1/2" from axle is not a bump stop, it stiffens up the ride. Your money, I bought mine from Etrailer. Mine are going into the garbage can next oil change.
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    Timbren rear bump stop kit

    Had a set on mine to pull a 23 lance travel trailer. Trailer would squat horribly without them. Worked very well towing, but did effect ride quality not towing. Pretty much sits on axle empty. Bought a motor home will be pulling mine off. Overall all they worked on my 2018