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  1. scottp6188

    RPG or GJ Motorsports Third brake light in stock?

    Just throwing this out there for the Gen 3. I just installed the mPower ORV Chase light kit, and its nice. It's what Raptor Assault uses on their trucks and it looks very clean but is also very bright. I got it for less than the listed amount by working a deal with American Trucks. However...
  2. scottp6188

    MOAB video! Onion Creek Baja portion!

    Do you have a list of all the trails you went on? I want to plan a trip to MOAB/Swing Arm City.
  3. scottp6188

    Silver Lake Shakedown 2024!

    I was there with you all for the end of year thing in October, that was the first time I got to experience the dunes and take my truck off-roading didnt stick with the group much (way to excited to sit still) but I'll have more self control during the shakedown lol
  4. scottp6188

    Another SPV Review - DB Behind Grille Kit

    Stealth wrapped? Looks AWESOME might have to do this too.
  5. scottp6188

    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    Feel free to order me one at MSRP if you can get a third lol.
  6. scottp6188

    WTB (1) 35" Beadlock Tire/wheel

    In the midwest looking for 1 wheel I can get. Ideally looking for pickup.
  7. scottp6188

    Removing grille help for lighting

    This is the setup I want to run, my only concern is some of the behind the grill lights require you to remove some of the cooling louvers to install the lights. Is there any negative performance aspect to doing this? I have to imagine it would just let more air in since it will always be open so...
  8. scottp6188

    2023 Raptor Assault

    Yup I just used my VIN and registered online, wasn't waiting for the letter haha
  9. scottp6188

    2023 Raptor Assault

    I'm going 8/17-8/18
  10. scottp6188

    2023 Raptor Assault

    Has anyone signed up for Raptor Assault? It would be fun to coordinate with other members for a little meet and greet and playing in the dirt.
  11. scottp6188

    22 37 PP BLACK

    Mine does this too but only on drivers side for some reason.
  12. scottp6188

    Finally part of the crew!

  13. scottp6188

    Build week of 10/31/22!

    Sooo in love, AMB is such a great color! It gets sooooo many looks lol
  14. scottp6188

    Finally part of the crew!

    It was out of the vehicle, had a friend hold onto it and walk away for 20ish seconds to see if it would turn off. Everything else in the truck did so maybe it just takes a little bit longer.
  15. scottp6188

    Finally part of the crew!

    Also quick question if anyone knows. There's a light in the center console that no matter what seems to be on even after I turn it off. I sat in the truck after I turned it off just to see if it turned off and even put my phone in there as well to record it. Seems like it stays on, I'm...
  16. scottp6188

    Finally part of the crew!

    The color on this thing is ridiculous, I can't wait to see it in the sun!
  17. scottp6188

    Finally part of the crew!

    First truck, let alone first Raptor. Ever since an old boss had a race red SVT Lightning back in the day this was the ultimate dream. I'm so freakin excited it came true! Happy to finally be an owner, and I had the biggest grin from ear to ear the moment I drove it for the first time!
  18. scottp6188

    Gen 3 finance rates.

    Not perfect but I got 6.6% definitely will be getting it refinanced.
  19. scottp6188

    2023 Raptor Order - Built 11/1/22, not shipped, factory sticker available then deleted :(

    My dealer was telling me a story the other day about how now just because you have a VIN doesn't mean it will necessarily get made. Now granted this was regarding the mavericks, but he said he has 3 customer place orders for them. They were all scheduled and VINS were assigned, then Ford let...
  20. scottp6188

    Build week of 10/31/22!

    Suprising turn. Dealer I ordered from has a 2022 AMB on the lot they are going to give me the same deal on. The end is in sight!
  21. scottp6188

    Build week of 10/31/22!

    Whats crazy is this number hasnt moved in over a week.
  22. scottp6188

    Build week of 10/31/22!

    Hell yea, happy for ya. Now only if mine can get out of chip hold still lol
  23. scottp6188

    Happy to a Member - New 22 Owner 37 CO w/ Recaro

    Great looking truck she's a beaut, hopefully mine gets off chip hold so I can get it before the new year.
  24. scottp6188

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    My sales manager used to work for the railroads and his job was to hunt down lost train cars. He said 20-30 years ago there was a huge snow storm that put almost 10 feet of snow on the ground. Took him 5 months to find railcars and they found it still on the line and it was buried in 12 feet of...