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    2024 dual valve with husky liner

    Got my 2024 Raptor Husky rear wheel liners from Realtrucks website, $131.39 tax and shipped, ordered 15 April received 19 April, installed this weekend, took about 45 minutes from opening the box to driving. A Plastic trim tool kit helps a lot and I new this as I had put these on my previous...
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    Gen 3 Hood using Gen 2 Graphics

    Yep the 2018 with the dot fade, I just got a shock when I saw how much they were going for now, almost $800 for both sides. I paid less the $400.00 from Tasca in 2018. May have to wait as I still need wheel well liners and a console safe
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    Gen 3 Hood using Gen 2 Graphics

    Thanks If whoever I order them from has a good return policy (just in case) I’m going to try the Gen 2 hood decals. I did end up finding some decent decals on Rocky Mountain website.
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    Gen 3 Hood using Gen 2 Graphics

    After a failed experiment with a New 2023 Bronco Wildtrak, a 2022 F150 Platinum and a 2021 F150 King Ranch I'm back into a 2024 Raptor, my last being a Ruby Red (best color ever) 2018 Raptor. On my 2018 I had the Black hood stripes that really made the truck pop. I want the exact Ford OEM...