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  1. pander952

    Ford "Cargo Management System" installed

    Could you use two dividers at the same time?
  2. pander952

    Ford premium maintenance plan

    For me Granger Ford was still significantly cheaper than Zeigler. For 8/125 Granger was $650 cheaper before the discount code of $275 from Z.
  3. pander952

    2024 Initial Thoughts

    Forgot to add this is on an iPhone. Maybe it works with google maps thru Android Auto.
  4. pander952

    2024 Initial Thoughts

    Apple Maps works with HUD, not Google Maps so it’s basic worthless.
  5. pander952

    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    First Raptor, 2024 37 AMB. Priority one will be figuring out how to get rid of the silver on the front grill.
  6. pander952

    2024 build date???

    Here is what they look like.