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    Chicago area overland shop

    thanks. Has anyone used Chicaco Overlanding or System 7 offroad? Both have very helpful staff and if anyone has used them and has a review would be great.
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    Chicago area overland shop

    Can anyone recommend a skilled shop with experience with RAPTORS for lifts, wheels, tires, etc in the Chicago area?
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    Tire size question for 2023 3.5L

    That’s nice. Do you recall the wheel size, offset and tire size?
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    Tire size question for 2023 3.5L

    sorry, what does that mean?
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    What do you think? Did these dealer screw this raptor up? 37PP

    I am pretty sure I kow whose YOUTUBE channel they are watching. Gloss fenders and bumper, large wheels with a negative offset. This is way too shiny now. I would pass and keep looking for a stock one. A cheap lift alone as mentioned above will be nice to look at until you actually have to...
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    17 x 9 with 18 offset

    Is your suspension stock? Did you do any plastic trimming?
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    What size are these tires? What offset on these methods?
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    Tire size question for 2023 3.5L

    Hello I am interested in a Method wheel that is 18X9 with +18 mm offset. I would like to put a 325/65/18 on that set, does anyone have any experience with this setup and should it fit a stock gen 3? thanks
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    Power inverter question

    Hello, Just got a 2023 gen 3 and have a question regarding the inverter and outlets that are available in the bed and the cab. Are these to be used only when the engine is running and if they are used when the engine is off I am assuming they can drain the battery? Is there a meter that shows...
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    Power Inverter Capability

    so does this inverter have to be used when engine is running or not?
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Do you have any photos that specifically show the offset so I can compare to stock?
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    OEM G3 Rear Under Seat Storage Retrofit Install

    Do you have the part numbers for the storage bin and the hardware you used?