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  1. Badrap

    Did the fuse 27 relocation kit

    Happened to me about two months ago. I was about to turn right and she died. Thank god no one was at the intersection because I had to run off the road when the power died. Ford should fix this! Anyway getting the relo kit.
  2. Badrap

    Real - Raptors Delivered!

    Well if it is yours, it's Purdy!
  3. Badrap

    Real - Raptors Delivered!

    Saw a blue one with graphics yesterday in Carrollton, Tx at Sam Pack. Service tech was driving it out back. Make ready maybe.
  4. Badrap

    150,000 and counting....

    And she still looks Damn good!
  5. Badrap

    911 Assist Fault? Help

    Same thing happened to me Saturday. No entertainment at all. It finally came back to life later in the day. Interested to hear what they say.
  6. Badrap

    Disappointed in Flowmaster Super 50

    I have a 44 and it is pretty loud and there is some drone but I usually have the volume up.
  7. Badrap

    New to Vegas Area

    Ck out the power line trails by the gun range south of Railroad casino. Fun and fast.
  8. Badrap

    Whats a raptor like as a daily driver

    I drove the'11 at work for 2+ years and I miss it daily. All the nav, weather and music options were great. The 36G tank will get you there no prob. Averaged about 12.5 MPG. Comfort was awesome. I drive a company truck now just to save the '13's miles but it is a poor comparison to the Rap...
  9. Badrap

    Installed my radius bumper today

    How did you mount your license plate? Thanks
  10. Badrap

    Shaky headlight(s)

    Good to know. Mine do this all the time. Wondered if there was a problem now I know. Thanks for the info!
  11. Badrap

    Who wants to come check out the 2017 Raptor?

    I stopped by this week and visited with Greg and the team at ADD, Great shop and they are making some amazing products there. Heck of an operation! The new Rap is a Beauty. Thanks to Cole for setting me up on a new Venom R front bumper.
  12. Badrap

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Bought her a new Venom R bumper at ADD
  13. Badrap

    Rear floor mattress or inflatable bed?

    I did that one night waiting on the electrician at the ranch and could hardly walk the next day. Doable but not comfy.
  14. Badrap

    New ADDition

    Looks great! Going to their shop this week. Raptor Heaven!
  15. Badrap

    You know your raptor owner when...

    On the flip side, two twenty something guys across the street call me young man when they aren't drooling over my truck or asking me to show their friends "The Lights".
  16. Badrap

    2012 with Nav

    Mine only shows that when I have a destination set. I think speed limit is lower left corner of the map.
  17. Badrap

    Always Check your Sh*t

    Same thing happened to me on a trip to Vegas. Noticed it in Amarillo. Wasn't too happy but at least the cap was still sitting on the battery. Always check before I leave the dealership now.
  18. Badrap

    Cheap Bed Ring MOD

    Damn good idea! I need to do this, lost my rear bed hooks due to the upswing tool boxes.
  19. Badrap

    Aftermarket insurance

    That's high. Get the Ford ESP and check with your insurance company for after market coverage. Don't remember what the insurance company quoted me but it was cheap. I didn't go with it because if somebody damages mine I'll upgrade parts anyway.
  20. Badrap

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Went from Ford Tough to Texas Tough. I'm okay with that.
  21. Badrap

    Vegas Off-Road Experience Raptor Programs?

    First thing I did with the 2011. Had a great time that Friday thru Sunday going from Henderson to Primm. Power line trails let you open her up.
  22. Badrap

    A Ford tech's take on "THE CLUNK" (THE ONE and ONLY CLUNK THREAD)

    I had no problem with the dealer on this problem. They took it for a drive and after checking the tsb they replaced it no questions asked. Sorry your having problems with them. Good luck.
  23. Badrap

    Raptor conversions

    Parked next to me one day was this beauty. Even had a bent frame.
  24. Badrap

    auxiliary fan issue 14 screw

    It's normal. Sounds like she is about to take off some days.