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    Turtle Wax Black Tire Coat!

    I'm assuming that the very slight breeze and I mean slight in the garage kicked it up into the air and coated the sides of my truck and windshield. If I could take a pic of the windshield I would, but it won't zoom in that close to even notice it. ---------- Post added at 08:02 PM ----------...
  2. J

    Turtle Wax Black Tire Coat!

    This shit sucks... stay away from it. The very fine mist of over spray coated the wheels, truck and windshield and I was very careful spraying it on as per the directions. The only thing to get this off your tires is a brass scrub brush and lots of scrubbing. I am still trying to get the over...
  3. J

    What do guys and gals on the FRF look like?

    My wife and I at the Christmas Ball in 2012.
  4. J

    4 SALE : Bi-Xenon Projector Retrofit Headlights

    My new FX-R 3.0's with Morimoto 5Five Ballast and bulbs
  5. J

    Stopped by the shop today

    I can't remember his name, but he showed me around the shop. Lol. I'll post up some pics of my truck soon.
  6. J

    Stopped by the shop today

    Well I am currently in Phoenix visiting family and I decided to stop by the shop to check it out. I want to thank the one individual who offered to show me around the shop and take me in back and show me the project trucks they are working on. I was amazed at all the stuff they have going on...
  7. J

    Hey from NC

    Welcome... Fayetteville, NC here.
  8. J

    whipple long tube tune!!!

    Thanks man. I was confused about the whole tune for LT headers.
  9. J

    whipple long tube tune!!!

    Hey I'm just curious about this whole Whipple LT header tune. I don't understand why you can't just have your truck dyno tuned at a reputable tuner and have them adjust the tune for LT headers? Why the long wait from whipple to do this? I remember when I had my 700 horsepower Kenne Bell...
  10. J

    FS Ducati retrofit headlights

    Can't wait to install em bro!
  11. J

    FS Ducati retrofit headlights

    Which setup is this... the MH1, FX-R or LS460? What bulbs are they? 4300K, etc? Also, how long have they been installed for? Thanks man, I am interested.
  12. J

    4 SALE : 2013 OEM HID Headlights

    Do these come already assembled? All we will have to do is plug the wire harness in and install the headlight itself? I read on another thread about having to make a small bracket for the bulb. Just checking. Thanks man, I am very interested in purchasing a pair!
  13. J

    which CAI to get ?

    AFe Stage II with 5 Star Tune.
  14. J

    ETA 2 weeks

    Awesome man! I am sitting here in Afghanistan about to re-deploy home and mine is being shipped to the dealer shortly. Can't wait to get it!
  15. J

    5Star Tuner questions

    I'm thinking about going with a full Stainless Works exhaust without cats. Can he tune for the cat delete so I don't throw codes?
  16. J

    Pelican Cases, any size

    Damn man, I wish I read this before I just ordered mine through Amazon. I am deployed right now and needed one to transport all my flight gear including my flight helmet which is very fragile. I paid $185 for the Pelican 1620 case, just curious about how much you could get that one for? Thanks
  17. J

    Ford Raptor Invoice Pricing

    Ordered through ENCS while deployed here in Afghanistan. 2012 Supercab Tuxedo Black Luxury Package only $43,551.50 $9,000 Down payment Financed for $34,551.50
  18. J

    1 - Month from Truck

    Awesome! I ordered mine here in Afghanistan and I get back in August. My wife will be picking up my truck when it gets delivered. Truck just started to get built on May 17th.

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