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    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    This is not entirely correct. Perhaps it varies by state. My wife was at fault for an accident in Georgia and the insurance company paid out for diminished value on her vehicle. Also, most insurance companies have a third party assessment company determine the damage based upon photos. Once...
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    Front Bumper Touch Up Paint

    For the OEM bumper, this is an exact match.
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    Pulling cash out of the Raptor

    Back on topic....I made the mistake of going online and looking up the value of my 2017 Raptor. Within minutes, had multiple dealers offering to purchase it for only a bit less than I paid back in August of 2017. Totally crazy and irrational right now.
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    Gen 3 Powertech Package

    There is a TSB for the tailgate opening on its own. Last time I was at the dealer, the service manager offered to fix (although my tailgate has never opened on its own) but needed to order the parts. Said it was going to be a three hour repair.
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    GEN 2 Car Wash

    Way to go....Adams products with a foam gun and Master Blaster to dry. Helps maintain my mental health.
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    Just another reason to stick with a Raptor

    Same here outside of Atlanta. Red TRX with $40K ADM. Not that I would ever surrender my Raptor....