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  1. roostinyfz

    Expected MPG?

    Since the GT 500 can’t finish a 20 minute track session without running out of gas. I wouldn’t be so optimistic.
  2. roostinyfz

    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    If that is my truck I see an opportunity for a cage, and Long travel in the future!
  3. roostinyfz

    Raptor R realistic fuel economy expectations

    Thats a whooping 2.37 MPG on that R!
  4. roostinyfz

    Help! Out of Patience. Truck at ford dealer 6 months since April!

    They ordered parts that just got in. They let me take the truck home about a month ago. It will go back to the dealer the 22 of February and will honor the warranty.
  5. roostinyfz

    Help! Out of Patience. Truck at ford dealer 6 months since April!

    Honestly the dealer has been awesome to work with but I do think I have some ground to stand on to complain when it’s been 6 months this year and 2 months last year. Plus they promised me it would be done and that’s months ago now. Truck hasn’t even been started for months. I know they aren’t...
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    Help! Out of Patience. Truck at ford dealer 6 months since April!

    I have a 2018 Ford Raptor with 59,000 (dealer wants to keep it to stay under warranty) miles on it and it has been in the shop with Larry H Miller in Mesa for 24 weeks since April. In fairness, some of that time was to replace a steering rack. However I’m out of patience. They are trying to...
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    Steering Rack Failure Help!

    I think the rack is $2600. Yikes.
  8. roostinyfz

    Steering Rack Failure Help!

    I have a 2018 Raptor with an H&M kit on it with some good use at 57,000 miles. My steering rack went out and got a quote from a local dealer for $3200. Seems steep. Any recommendations? Is a raptor rack different than a stock ford? Are they vin specific?
  9. roostinyfz

    Need a good shop in PHX for the Gen 1

    I would definitely say Foutz Motorsports since they are the ones that basically invented the raptor. They are the ones that took it to Baja both times. 454 Motorsports should be excellent as well.
  10. roostinyfz

    Ford Raptor Gen 3 Vid

    No the truck is fine. Obviously wish it had a V8 and center mount with a 4 link, but Fords way of releasing a vehicle like this is boring compared to other manufacturers.
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    New here! Camburg Level Kit or Eibach Springs?

    Having done both before I went long travel I disagree slightly with what was said above. My truck rode so much better with the Camburg spacers and stock springs than the eibach springs. I ended up taking the eibach springs off and putting my Camburg spacers back on. No comparison. I didn’t like...
  12. roostinyfz

    Ford Raptor Gen 3 Vid

    Call it what you want that was the weakest, "release, debut, unveiling" I have ever seen. Ford needs to take a page from Dodge.
  13. roostinyfz

    Ford Raptor Gen 3 Vid

    Super disappointing. That's not a release of anything.
  14. roostinyfz

    Pics from Baja Sur

    Ha! Yeah I think she is yelling. My 18 year old daughter.
  15. roostinyfz

    Pics from Baja Sur

    The trip is done with expedition offroad. This is the second trip I’ve done with them and they were both awesome. My truck was built by Kevin at H&M racing. We’ve done quite a bit to it. Have their mid long travel kit on it. We are still leafs with a bedcage in the rear. It works really well...
  16. roostinyfz

    Pics from Baja Sur

    Just thought I’d share a few pictures from the expedition offroad Baja Sur trip. Sure was fun and can’t wait to go back!
  17. roostinyfz

    Crooked steering wheel

    Should be putting lock tight on those lower control arm bolts. I personally have seen many come loose.
  18. roostinyfz

    I was in the market for a practical, roomy, fuel efficient vehicle....

    My favorite part of this post is fuel efficient part! Ha! Congrats!
  19. roostinyfz

    ADD Pro vs. SVC Baja Bolt On Comparison

    Having done a lot of business with both SVC and ADD. From experience I’ve had some issues quality wise with both companies and the bottom line is SVC cares about post sale customer service and ADD doesn’t. That’s just my 2 cents.
  20. roostinyfz

    Bad IWE broke transfer case?

    I agree with what you are saying actually. I pay to play fortunately. it’s fun. This thread is about an IWE failure causing a transfer case failure. I don’t buy it. Neither does Kevin at HM neither does my transfer (Phil’s transmission in Mesa) case/tranny shop where we have done hundreds of...