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  1. Glo

    Intake Manifold

    Would definitely be very interested in getting a good intake if you go thermoforming! Don't think I would be able to justify a cnc special... Can't wait to see the dyno sheets!
  2. Glo

    37" Red Letter Generals *SLIGHTLY USED* Great for spares

    can you put my name on these for please?: How old is the rubber?
  3. Glo

    JDM "Burn Out" Custom Tune installed on Bill's 2013 Raptor!!!

    I went with the Stainless Works headers. For now I am running with the hi-flow cats, x-pipe and true dual SW mufflers out the rear. But a friend of mine is working on making me a custom a pro-chamber instead of the x-pipe and muffler delete which will probably dump somewhere towards the back...
  4. Glo

    JDM "Burn Out" Custom Tune installed on Bill's 2013 Raptor!!!

    Awesome! Finally got my headers on...took me forever! Will give you guys a call in the morning! Hopefully I can get a file for this weekend! Been waiting forever to get a tune that fits MY needs :-) can't wait to see what you guys can do!
  5. Glo

    SDHQ Limit strap package - open box

    In the market for some limit straps - do these bolt on or are the weld onto the frame?
  6. Glo

    FS: SVC SVC Adjustable Bump System

    FOrt sale in good condition SVC adjustable Bump Stop system. $900. Bump stops not included. But all hardware Located in Vegas, but could meet anywhere within a couple of hundred miles.
  7. Glo

    Yes, the running boards are a safety device!

    Frankly wouldn't expect them to last too long and would want to make sure to have a kill switch for them. I am often on very tight rock trails where I would easily mess them up when opening the door and have them hit against a rock. My truck is lifted a bit with Deavers +4, 37s and sits very...
  8. Glo

    Vdeg 4

    One of the best tools in my safety gear box on the trail - the Vehicle Dependant Exploration Guide - just recently came in edition 4. Highly recommended! Get it while you can.... Announcing the new VDEG 4
  9. Glo

    Post Your Wheel and Tire Pics !

    thems are so pretty! 37" General Grabbers on Ford Bead locks looks
  10. Glo

    Any of you running a 20'' Amber led bar on your bumper?

    As an alternative - I decided to change out my 20" 3W- LEDs amber with a with 20" 5Watts Leds white instead and just use covers when needed for dust, snow or fog... When running solo - which I usually do - I remove the cover and enjoy the extra brightness from down low...
  11. Glo

    Any of you running a 20'' Amber led bar on your bumper?

    I second Raptoraddict on having the amber option down as low as you can! Also very good advise on only getting amber only if you HAVE OTHER lights. Even with tons of lumens - amber light will not appear bright in conjunction with white HIDs or led bars. Here's some pic of a Raptor with Rigid...
  12. Glo

    Yes, the running boards are a safety device!

    If you are going to be worried about road salt - I'd say PowerSteps should be a big NO over the beefed up aftermarket solutions...just saying...but going amp myself too! Did you mess up the actually body behind the door too? I did - but running without sidestep...ding thru the door all the way...
  13. Glo

    Any better 20" then a rigid E2 hyper spot???

    :everything: How fast are you guys going needing more than the Hyperspots???
  14. Glo

    Best brake setups/places to buy?

    Had the R1s, worked ok - but going to yellow EBC now. Been running EBC on other cars/trucks before but never on my Raptor.I prefer to go with a race / high heat compound hence the EBC yellows. I am in the Las Vegas heat and run my truck very hard - the R1 pads I had were more for daily driving -...
  15. Glo

    WTB: 37 BFG tires

    oops - totally missed that post. I am just in a limbo. I have been loving my 37 Generals - and contemplating between either getting a new set of Generals something along the lines of a Baja or KM2. Open to Bajas in 35s. But really would prefer to go 37s. How old is the rubber on the projects you...
  16. Glo

    Custom HID headlights & Amp Steps

    Pm'd about the amp steps
  17. Glo

    2014 Ruby Red Screw IL

    Wow! Great price considering all the mods!!! GLWS
  18. Glo

    Rigid Industries :: Overland Expo 2015 :: Flagstaff, AZ :: Who's going?

    Shocked only 2 people from this forum are going!!! :specialed:
  19. Glo

    ICI Hidden Winch Mount & 12.5 Talon

    In the past I have been carrying a second battery in the bed - and running dual batts for winching. No quick disconnects - just using really good jumper cables...but currently working on a permanent dual battery setup...
  20. Glo

    SE Beadlocks

    I am interested in the tires - you guys only want the rims - correct?
  21. Glo

    SE Beadlocks

    on my '14 SE the spare is the same as the rest of the rims.
  22. Glo

    ICI Hidden Winch Mount & 12.5 Talon

    I am usually in desert areas, without trees etc. and have been in plenty of situations where it would be easier to move the winch to the back...if you do mostly solo trips like me, having the winch in the back is a lot easier in the majority of the situations. I always pack the snatch blocks and...
  23. Glo

    Is it me or am I noticing a lot of members are getting rid of their Rap's

    I have been contemplating for the past 6 months of getting rid of my Raptor too. Amongst other concerns, #3 + #5 are my main reasons for going back and forth on it. SInce I haven't gotten any good offers for my truck so far, I have decided to try to enjoy it a bit longer. While I fix everything...
  24. Glo

    ICI Hidden Winch Mount & 12.5 Talon

    thanks for sharing this! Going to get try out this winch mount as well! I am wondering how easy it is to install and remove the winch? In case of a snafu on trail where the winch needs to moved to the rear?