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  1. Billy Mc

    Ebay intercooler

    Did you have to fab-up an attachment bracket for the BOV?
  2. Billy Mc

    Stealth Black Raptor R initial thoughts

    It's a good daily driver tune. For all out power, there are others but this makes my Gen2 drive like a dream!
  3. Billy Mc

    Stealth Black Raptor R initial thoughts

    That's what I do on my Gen 2. But I have a tune (Gearhead auto-octane) in mine too!
  4. Billy Mc

    Wastegate Rattle?

    In ref to the IWE check valve, no it needs to be moving to hear the faint grinding or whirring noise. Had this issue on my '15 XLT 4x4 and a new check valve assembly solved it. I would suggest to get 2 at time because this is a common issue with new Ford F150 4x4s.
  5. Billy Mc

    2018 Raptor Lug Nuts ...just my take!

    That's pretty neat! I discovered this issue back when rotating tires on my '13 Mustang GT. They have the same lug nuts; it's just about impossible to get them off after a short drive when they get hot.
  6. Billy Mc

    Is this thing worth a crap?

    I had a Ronin drain on my '15 F150 with 2.7 for 5 or 6 years. Works great and well worth it in my opinion.
  7. Billy Mc

    Thrilled new owner!

    Hello, I picked up a 2019 Raptor in Race Red and 801 A package several days ago.
  8. Billy Mc

    Previous owner smoke smell

    Ozone machine and swap the cabin air filter. My wife's Cadillac smelled like I get the need to find a solution!
  9. Billy Mc

    TFL 2024 Raptor BS video.

    Perhaps a pumped up 3.5 engine? Or a 6.8 aluminum block V8?
  10. Billy Mc

    Getting my doors blown off, I don't care.

    Those are good sleepers...but the '93 Mustang Cobras are the best IMO.
  11. Billy Mc

    Getting my doors blown off, I don't care.

    I had a similar experience with my'14 Mustang GT. It seemed like every kid with Mustang, Camaro, etc always wanted to race. Definitely gets old after a while!
  12. Billy Mc

    Raptor R hits eBay

    I wonder if it was bought...simply to flip or actually enjoy?
  13. Billy Mc

    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    Even side by side, as in this video there are a lot of variables that go into a drag race. Just find it hard to believe that so many folks put so much attention on 0-60 or ¼ run when it comes to judging how good an "off-road" truck is supposed to be.
  14. Billy Mc

    Being offered a 22 with no Moonroof---Normal?

    You're better off without it. Saves a few pounds and will not lighten your wallet when it starts leaking. My wife's 2019 Chrysler 300 (always garaged) sunroof started leaking and it was $900+ to repair.
  15. Billy Mc

    TFL Raptor R in depth

    The front axle thing was a bit of a surprise. Probably a reliability thing with the extra added power. Re-engineering the existing Torsen was probably deemed too time lengthy when the R was already several years behind the TRX. I don't think it's a big deal regardless. R buyers aren't going to...
  16. Billy Mc

    Catalytic Converter Plate

    Toyota Tundras, Tacomas, Sequoias, Rav 4s, Prius' and Honda CRVs are by far the most stolen. I have heard recently that F250 gas powered (6.2) trucks have been targeted recently. But, Toyota trucks and SUVs are the easiest targets due to ease and quickness of the removal process. That plate...
  17. Billy Mc

    2023 Raptor R slower than TRX

    Does it matter? Sheesh...a tenth or two slower 0-60 mph spells doom for Ford huh?
  18. Billy Mc

    CVFab Titan 2 installed

    I installed the Titan on my F150 XLT a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, there were no instructions and I had no idea about shroud needing removal beforehand....yea I said several curse words and finally unwrapped it.
  19. Billy Mc

    Azure Grey Metallic Raptor R Pics

    I like the color, but that Raptor graphic over the rear wheel needs to be more subtle ...IMO.
  20. Billy Mc

    Why 700hp instead of 705hp?

    Does anyone think the 3.5 Raptor will get a slight bump in power as well for the '23 model year?
  21. Billy Mc

    Why 700hp instead of 705hp?

    It's probably underrated. Remember the Bronco Raptor? Right before production started its horsepower rating was updated suddenly.
  22. Billy Mc

    R in the wild!

    Yea, the but the 2.65 V8s from the CART/CCWS made more power and sounded killer!
  23. Billy Mc

    Local Dealer (MH) Markup raptor r and raptor 37 insane Experience

    The mark-ups are crazy no doubt. But, that's what the market will bear. High demand, low production and GREED... equals super high price. Similar situation with many goods and commodities (gasoline and diesel) at the moment.
  24. Billy Mc

    Which Trim Rings for AC/Radio?

    I have a '15 F150 XLT. These were off of Ebay. I had them powder coated red to match my exterior paint, Race Red.