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  1. Bill0927

    2022 Tailgate Non Appliqué

    I purchased my 2022 raptor didn’t come in with the appliquéd on tailgate so I ended up buying a new tailgate selling this one that came on my truck. I tried to attach an appliquéd aftermarket wasn’t happy with the way it looked it’s still attached but needs to be put on professionally which I’m...
  2. Bill0927

    Is ceramic coating worth it?

    What’s your thoughts on ceramic coating.? I have a white 2022 and live in Southern California and unfortunately need to park My truck outside won’t fit in the garage. I’m a fanatic about keeping my cars immaculate is ceramic coating the way to go to protect my paint and keep the truck looking...
  3. Bill0927

    3,300.00 tailgate and appliquéd is it worth it?

    Is it worth it.? I have a white 2022 that came in a couple of months ago though it did not have the Appique on the back. Ford could install one for 3,300.00 it’s not just the Appique also needed to apply the Applique a new tailgate shell to attach the Appique then they’ll switch out all the...
  4. Bill0927

    Tailgate appliqué installation

    Where did you get your appliqué.? From Ford directly.? I heard they were back ordered forever. I personally would do the 3M tape to start off with it that holds it without rattles, etc. leave it that way and secure enough then you need to drill the holes. Appreciate letting me know where you...
  5. Bill0927

    My second Gen 3 in two months!

    Beautiful truck.. well worth waiting to purchase very clean.
  6. Bill0927

    I have a gen 3 antimatter blue 37 pkg, with no tailgate appliqué coming in next month.

    Air Design makes this black Applique for the 2022 Raptor.? Looks clean enough, picked up my 2022 (waited 4 months) and REALLY bummed to find out there's no Applique and it looks naked without especially on a white tail gate such as mine.
  7. Bill0927

    Tailgate appliqué installation

    How did you score on your applique.? PLEASE let me know my tailgate looks naked without it. Ford said back ordered for many many month's and it wouldn't adept to my current 2022 tailgate.
  8. Bill0927

    My ears are hurting - B&O sound system goes crazy - *safety issue*

    I just had this same thing happen two days ago I have a 2022 Raptor and live in San Diego and at the time it was raining so I thought it was a wet fuse or something this popping sound was crazy I turned off the engine and it continued for about 10min before stopping. Going in for my 5000 service...
  9. Bill0927

    Trade: My White Delete Tailgate for a Tailgate with Applique on it.

    Yes, please send me where I can order this Applique. I’ve been looking cannot find it anywhere.. super frustrating.
  10. Bill0927

    Anyone want to trade a step tailgate for non?

    Let trade I have the step 2022 new 1,500 miles Im in San Diego
  11. Bill0927

    Anyone want to trade a step tailgate for non?

    Sent you a message did you receive.? I have a white 2022 raptor I just picked up that has the step but does not have the appliqué witch I want. Yes I will trade.
  12. Bill0927

    Anyone want to trade a step tailgate for non?

    I just picked up mY Raptor its white and has the step your looking for yes I would trade as mine does not have the appliqué witch I wanted. Im in San Diego
  13. Bill0927

    Trade: My White Delete Tailgate for a Tailgate with Applique on it.

    I just picked up my 2022 Raptor and it does not have the Black appliqué FORD badge do you have any info on where I can order one of these appliqué.? Thank you.