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  1. J

    Going rate for used factory flares?

    Trying to figure a fair price for a guy who wants my factory flares. 2012 dark gray flares in great shape. What's a fair asking price for the set?
  2. J

    Seat Warmer / Heater not working

    New Raptor owner looking for advice. Are there any common fixe(s) for none operating front seat warmer?
  3. J

    Gen2 Factory Beadlock Wheels and BFG Tires (Bay Area Ca)

    Sorry.... asking $2700 obo I'll post pictures soon.
  4. J

    Gen2 Factory Beadlock Wheels and BFG Tires (Bay Area Ca)

    Less than 800 miles in excellent condition. Taken off a Gen2 but right now on a Gen1. Local pick up only. Asking $2700obo
  5. J

    New member from Vegas

    Welcome aboard
  6. J

    Show off your latest pics

    Looks like fun!
  7. J

    I <3 sport mode

    Damn it, now I got to go find out what it's about! Thanks!!!
  8. J

    Khilborn's "New" 2014 Ford Raptor

    You and I are in the same boat but @ opposite ends of the country. Bought my first Raptor three weeks ago (has the gun safe, not using it) and my first two mods were stubby & tinted front side windows. Welcome aboard.
  9. J

    Finally got a Raptor!

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. J

    In the club.

    Welcome aboard.
  11. J

    GEN 2 Bull bar

    Check out the new Rampage bull bar. It looks pretty current and had a LED light bar option.
  12. J

    GEN2 in Oklahoma

  13. J

    New from Northern Colorado

    Welcome aboard.
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    New member from Oahu Hawaii

    Welcome aboard.
  15. J

    WTB Raptor Beadlocks

    I have a set of Gen2 deadlocks and tires in Northern California. Local pick up only.
  16. J

    WTB Raptor in California

    I ended up buying one locally couple of weeks ago. Thanks for lead however.
  17. J

    What to look for when buying a used G1?

    Thanks for the offer but I actually own a 4x4 company and get discounted pricing from my vendors. So unless if they're used prices, I doubt if it will save me any money.
  18. J

    Why Rap Owners don't wave at other Rap Owners?

    Sounds like you may be or have been a Jeep owner.
  19. J

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    The previous owner bought a Gen2 and gave me the option to take them, so I did. I live them as they are for now.
  20. J

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    It's actually a Gen1 with Gen2 wheels.
  21. J

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Those are only after pics. I probably should have posted before and after.