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  1. gordo

    Current ‘19 raptor owner…selling it this year…what should I replace it with…37 raptor, TRX or F250?

    I went from a 2017 F250 6.7 to a 2019 Raptor (with a Range Rover supercharged in between) back to a 2022 F250 Tremor 6.7 (with an E63 AMG in between lol). I love them all but in different ways. The Raptor is more agile and a smoother ride. The F250 has a bigger bed which for me is important...
  2. gordo

    Ford's Jim Farley is probably upsetting dealers, it's about time and I'm ok with that

    LOL you can sell for cheaper all day if Ford allows it but I think companies have better algorithms to limit excess supply. Also there are some companies that set their price and no one can charge different. I don't quite understand why some industries can do that and others cannot. For example...
  3. gordo

    Ford's Jim Farley is probably upsetting dealers, it's about time and I'm ok with that

    People are fed up. This is going to be the new norm with every product. Why should we as a consumer accept the old process of haggling? We should all pay the same price. This flipping ******** is exactly that. Not good for the economy... And dont even get me started on real estate. Unless you...
  4. gordo

    Carbon fiber parts Gen 2

    @mattl600 did you install them yet?
  5. gordo

    Carbon fiber parts Gen 2

    I got them from @EL Snagadore . He deserves all the credit!
  6. gordo

    Carbon fiber parts Gen 2

    Brand new never installed carbon hood louver, vents and mirror caps for sale. Bought them from this site as part of a group buy but I decided to sell the Raptor a week before they arrived. Asking same as what I paid. $1600.
  7. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    @isis I think it’s cool. Very retro. Leave it the way it is.
  8. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    I think it’s cool. Very retro. Leave it the way it is.
  9. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    @isis is that a shuffleboard court? Lol
  10. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    Switching it up a bit. I bought a 2016 E63S with a Renntech tune and exhaust. Close to 700hp. We’ll see how long until I get tired of it lol.
  11. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    Damien - I just sold my Raptor but I ordered forged glossy mirror cap, vent and hood louver.
  12. gordo

    Carbon Fiber mirror caps, vent and hood for sale

    Selling the Raptor. Haven't installed any of the pieces from El Snagadore yet. They are glossy forged. Same cost as what I paid. $1600 plus shipping.
  13. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    @EL Snagadore Any word on delivery date?
  14. gordo

    Deaver with Eibach or SVC Coil Adjustment System

    Sadly I missed my only Opportunity since I changed the suspension to go off roading (my kid wasnt feeling well) so I can’t give an accurate assessment. On the street very little difference from stock except worse turning radius but I did change to 35’s too. Hope to get off road soon.
  15. gordo

    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    @EL Snagadore I will take the set of glossy forged.
  16. gordo

    Custom Wilwood Big Brake Kit

    I'd be interested if the price was right. I have 17 methods. I do agree tho about color options.
  17. gordo

    Who offers the BEST deal on wheel & tire packages???

    Talk to Justin @Pacific Wheel. He is a supporting vendor and he knows his ****. Thats where I bought my Methods.
  18. gordo

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    @EL Snagadore super psyched for the mirrors! Glossy forged and matching hood and vents!
  19. gordo

    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    Damn glossy forged look sweet! @EL Snagadore are you going to make that same style for hood and side vents? Mirrors are 1st priority but I'm trying to decide if it would look better for all 3 to match?
  20. gordo

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Method wheels w 37s, SVC collars and Deavers. Actually about 2 months ago.
  21. gordo

    Phoenix Android Radio 4th Gen PX6

    you guys are scaring me with all these defects. is there a competitor that makes a better unit? only reason i want it is to watch movies on road trips. maybe im better off using builtright mount and an ipad since i was considering installing that for my uhf radio anyway.
  22. gordo

    2018 Modded Raptor Appraisal help

    Im pretty sure you would get more than 67. My friend just sold his 2019 with only 20" Fuels and some lights with 20k miles for 63. Truck market is on fire. No inventory. List it on
  23. gordo

    Another New Phoenix 8 core unit Sc7862 in pre-release

    Cool. Thx. I go on some long road trips. Do you know what size the actual movie will play? I'm assuming I put source to phone and I can play netflix, youtube, etc? What option do I need? I plan on ordering Apple wireless car play. Is that all I need?