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  1. SCAR911

    Good video comparing Mercon ULV motorcraft vs Valvoline.

    Hi. I came here to talk shit about vavoline and only praise Mobil 1
  2. SCAR911

    180000 mile 2017 raptor?

    The trans tune from goosetuned helped my trans work as it's supposed to. Never bangs around anymore. When I first got the truck, I was like is going on?!
  3. SCAR911

    2018 Raptor Lug Nuts ...just my take!

    Had this issue on my wife's Edge. Ended up having to rip one apart to get it off. Dumbest things ever.
  4. SCAR911

    Anyone run these collars?

    I bought the truck with these on and the truck rides great, but going over speed bumps or anything somewhat fast I notice the front shocks unload extremely fast and bang coming back down. I assume you need to lower these down a bit so that doesn't happen...
  5. SCAR911

    Sulfur smell

    I never knew about this. Does this actually clean cats and get rid of that shit smell?
  6. SCAR911

    Sulfur smell

    How on earth can a battery or diff fluid smell like rotten eggs? Lol
  7. SCAR911

    MPT E-85 Tune Anyone?

    Just take the engine out. Put in a built ls3 with turbos and make 1200 on 85 with reliability
  8. SCAR911

    Help - feeling a little Raptor regret

    We should start a shame list of all the dealers that suck shit and make it a sticky.
  9. SCAR911

    Help - feeling a little Raptor regret

    Agree. Unfortunately, that's how dealers are anymore. They are all full of idiots who have no mechanical knowledge and the dealers themselves just don't give a shit. Prob just want you to buy a new truck.
  10. SCAR911

    180000 mile 2017 raptor?

    I wonder if it's had cam phasers done 17 times.
  11. SCAR911

    180000 mile 2017 raptor?

    Milage typo?
  12. SCAR911

    Rotating the Driveshaft?

    If you are taking the flange off, I get that. It may be balanced with it but taking it off and on, I don't understand and may seem like a urban myth. It's not balanced to the trans or diff.
  13. SCAR911

    Rotating the Driveshaft?

    What are you marking? The yoke going into the transmission and flange bolting to the rear end? How is that "Calibrated" in the factory?
  14. SCAR911

    Rotating the Driveshaft?

    The only driveshaft you need to do that with is a 2 piece. We have 1 big solid ****. Should go in any position
  15. SCAR911

    Opinion on buying a 2017 raptor

    They all have the same ...take the gamble!!!
  16. SCAR911

    Getting this code and loss of power

    Well, after a while it has not happened again and all I changed was the plugs. I would have never thought a 35k spark plug would cause this drastic of a misfire across multiple cylinders. Still kinda don't believe it but's working now
  17. SCAR911

    1:18 Ruby Red just announced

    Whoops. Man they really screwed up a avalanche grey.
  18. SCAR911

    Wastegate Rattle on Startup Fix?

    My exhaust is touching that same damn place. The exhaust seems like it's not able to be adjusted. It's AWE. It only happens when the truck is warm and at a stop in drive. The fvcking truck. Ugh
  19. SCAR911

    2019 - Final Gut Check Before Fixing Broken Rear Shocks

    I'm in this boat as well. Unless you beating it's ass off-road, these 3" shocks shouldn't need rebuilt at 50k miles. That's stupid
  20. SCAR911

    360 camera alignment

    Men don't use back up cameras. Stick your head out the window and go back and forth 5x like you should.