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  1. RdR2027

    New from NE TN

    Nice Truck! Take it out and play with it.
  2. RdR2027

    2024 build date???

    Mine was built 4/2 shipped 4/2. Possibly was held up for a day or two because of factory spray in bed liner and cover.
  3. RdR2027

    Am I just being too particular?

    The seats on my 23 801a look like all of the wrinkled photos here. I didn't make a warranty claim knowing I was going to order a 24 802a. Looking forward to the ricaros. Hope ford gets their shit together, not a good look for a 88k vehicle.
  4. RdR2027

    New from pa

    Nice truck. Azure is the color I have until my Oxford white 24 arrives in two weeks. I think I might miss the azure one. welcome to FRF.
  5. RdR2027

    Waiting on 24 shipping?

    South West Idaho
  6. RdR2027

    Waiting on 24 shipping?

    Mine was built 3/26. Shipped 4/2. ETA 4/11 - 4/23
  7. RdR2027

    Raptor sighting

    Good Idea! let's get this rolling.
  8. RdR2027

    2024 build date???

    My truck was built 3/26 and shipped 4/2. ETA dates 4/10 - 4/23. Tracker still shows "Window Sticker Not available" is this normal?
  9. RdR2027

    Raptor R in White MSRP

    I ordered an oxford white 802a in October 2022. I didn't know if it would be built. So, I bought an 801a azure gray 801a that showed up at the dealership with the promise that I could have the 802 if it showed up. While I was at Raptor Assault the 802 came in and was sold before I got back. I...
  10. RdR2027

    Picked up a ‘22 37 package

    Nice truck! Take it out and play with it. My Oxford White 802a went into production today.
  11. RdR2027


    Nice truck, welcome to FRF. Take it out and play with it.
  12. RdR2027

    Traded my TRX for a Raptor

    Nice truck. Welcome to FRF. I'm not a graphics guy but to each his own.
  13. RdR2027

    New Member Check-In - Las Vegas

    Nice truck. Welcome to FRF. Take it out and play with it.
  14. RdR2027

    Upgrade, I hope.

    I've had the same feelings about vehicles I've traded over the years. Still miss my 1980 FJ40 and a 1970 SS Camero to name a couple. The memories are good, go out and have some good times in the new truck.
  15. RdR2027

    New Guy from VA

    Welcome to FRF. Take it out and play with it!!
  16. RdR2027

    1st Raptor, 35" Azure Gray 2023

    Nice truck. Welcome to FRF. Take it out and play with it!
  17. RdR2027

    From Tacoma to Raptor.

    Real nice truck. I also went from 2020 Tacoma to a 2023 Raptor. You won't have any regrets. The Raptor is so much better!!
  18. RdR2027

    Thanks for having me

    Very nice truck! Welcome to FRF.
  19. RdR2027


    I have no problems with my 2023 been reliable so far, I've ordered a 2024. I questioned the people at Raptor Assault about problems with their trucks. They said they only replace the air filters and window washing fluid. Tires are changed frequently because of the sharp rocks they are driving...
  20. RdR2027


    Welcome to FRF. Nice truck.
  21. RdR2027

    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    Bad crash! I was a street cop for 46 years and I've seen a lot of crashed vehicles. It looks totaled to me. You need to hire a lawyer asap. Don't talk to the insurance adjuster without your lawyer.
  22. RdR2027

    First time raptor owner, great truck so far

    Welcome to FRF. Nice truck!
  23. RdR2027

    WTB black Gen 3 wheels

    Check Ebay. I bought a set 2 months ago and got free shipping.
  24. RdR2027

    Hello new gen 2 owner from Nebraska!

    Nice truck! Welcome to FRF.