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    Can anyone help me identify this leak?

    Likely cracked valve cover. However it could be several causes. Either clean it up and look for it or take it to a trusted shop, if there is such a thing…
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    Ford Dealer Scams

    Yep, imagine that!?
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    shell T6 0-40

    That’s always a controversial question! Really, any synthetic API rated SP is good with me. I’m currently running 5w30 SP SuperTech Advanced or Mobile1 Advanced from the local Walmart in all my 4-wheeled vehicles. I also have some Redline 5w40 SN and Motorcraft 5w50 SN for my bikes.
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    New Member - Oklahoma

    Welcome! Damn, that Bill Knight guy has dealerships all over OK. I bought my 2018 new in OKC from Bob Moore Ford. Paid MSRP for a vehicle for only the second time in my life, but I do love the damn truck even though I hate pickup trucks. Oh yeah, those wheels “may” look cool to you and maybe...
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    New engine and build question

    The SPD thermostats are Motorcraft resold with the SPD logo etched on the flange. They’re top quality parts from Ford. The Raptor/SPD tax adds more than a few bucks, but they are the “best” IMO.
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    Turbo Boost after mod peaking at 36psi

    Yeah, good analysis. I should have expected the guy who doesn’t understand boost control may be looking absolute pressure vs boost pressure.
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    Turbo Boost after mod peaking at 36psi

    Yes, but it isn’t “useful” boost and will destroy the turbo(s) very quickly.
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    Turbo Boost after mod peaking at 36psi

    The problem is in the tune. The BOV has nothing to do with any boost value. It opens when you lift throttle to release any pressure in the tubes against the closed throttle plate. Talk to your tuner ASAP. I’ve been thinking as to WHY people think the BOV controls boost. Maybe it was the Indy...
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    Official Gen 3 COBB Tuning Thread - Accessport, Intake Bracket, etc

    Yes, yes they are. My 2021 is significantly quicker-faster than my Raptor, but I’m on HPTuners with it. Cobb just took too long with too little. HPTuners already has drive mode select (4 options) tuning. You can be stock in Normal and wild race in Sport but only with the same fuel. The previous...
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    shell T6 0-40

    The T6 has much more calcium in it for nasty diesels, which makes it terrible in direct injected engines. Just say no. I have direct experience and two broken engines before the problem was discovered by the aftermarket.
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    Will you even consider a Cybertruck (Fun Poll)

    It sure is, IF you allow the built-in connectivity. Ford also records more data that is available in non-volatile memory after a crash incident. Most OEMs have the data recording as well, just not as much data as Ford. I recommend do NOT allow all the Ford Pass “convenience” features as it all...
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    Gen 2 3.5L EcoBoost Cylinder Misfire

    Bad gas. You feed it tacos & buritos?
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    TPMS not reading on all four tires

    Your new lights/wiring is likely killing the signal from the sensors. Remove them and problem solved. WTF would you wants lights all over your headliner? Maybe you should get the underglow setup as well? Jeez… maybe some Afro-glow for your hair too.
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    Another Sign Stillantis' "Ram" is so BAD I may be late to the party, but I just saw this crap. Another "dieselgate" as every OEM (except Ford?) is cheating emmissions to boost their power numbers trying to entice...
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    Will you even consider a Cybertruck (Fun Poll)

    No. That thing is worthless as a “truck”. It might be fun to gut it and only drag race it like the kid with the 100D on Utoob, but that’s also a nothingburger. That big electric torque burst is the ONLY thing it has that’s remotely “useful”.
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    2020 Raptor New Short Block - Oil in Cylinders

    Yes, for sure. They would have died before delivery.
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    Shudders when turned off

    Australia gets the diesel in their Ranger Raptor.
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    !!!Need help!!! for accelerate no Pushing feeling on the back.

    Check to make sure the air filter inlet isn’t collapsing under load. It’s a known problem. Cobb makes a bracket for the problem plus a new header panel at the air intake.
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    Drive/Exhaust/Suspension/Steering Mode bug/easter-egg with remote start...

    You should have options in the Sync menu to select how you want it to configure when using remote start.
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    Help my Ford Dealer: Strange Rattle on Decel

    Now that is an odd problem on a stock converter.
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    how do you launch this truck?

    What do you mean by “newer”?
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    We lost a Raptor R today. RIP

    Yeah, that horrific crap is not what happens when you have a tiny d*ck, that sh*t plainly says you have NO d*ck and your wife/bitch has your balls on her keychain. She even likes and paid for the truck because he stays home and cleans the sh*tter all day.
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    Wait...., what? New TRX now a 6cyl!

    Is this old news? I haven't seen it until today. The video is 12 days ago.