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  1. Oldfart

    NEW! Ambassador Program | Apply, Share, & Earn | Diode Dynamics

    Would you be interested in someone with a huge following in the goat community?
  2. Oldfart

    Tailgate step install?

    I agree, it's not the most stable even with something light.
  3. Oldfart

    Tailgate step install?

    I didn't know they changed the tailgate.
  4. Oldfart

    Tailgate step install?

    All I would need with that is a cute slave girl to run and get it out for me.
  5. Oldfart

    Tailgate step install?

    The step weighs about 2 pounds! It's not like it's a pool ladder. I can tell you when your knees and hips start to get beat up the step is gold. I didn't know that they bundled the step with the moonroof with the step now. I ordered mine with no moon and the step. I would think there's a ton of...
  6. Oldfart

    The 2024 37" Package Ripoff

    It's simply another example of climate change! Climate change is real folks!!!! :boobs:
  7. Oldfart

    PPF Buyers Remorse + I'm an idiot = I'm lost

    I would buy a Harbor Freight heat gun and see if you can get it off. When I had mine done, I had stopped into the shop, and they were part way into gloss on the front bumper. I didn't really think about the gloss vs matte beforehand. As soon as I saw it I KNEW I didn't like that look at all...
  8. Oldfart

    for sale.... bigblues ass

    I'm reading through this and until I got to the end, I was thinking holy crap, somebody totally hacked his account!! :happy175: Well played sir! :boobs:
  9. Oldfart

    Moon roof rubber gasket seal maintenance, what lubricant?

    I can testify to the fact that too much lube leads to issues, such as matting of the fur, and needless mess in my truck!
  10. Oldfart

    This is a hijacking

    They actually came down a lot from what they were 15 years ago. The last pair I got my dad were about 11,000 for the pair. One of my friends just got a good pair a few months ago for $6,300. They have a lot of nice modes now on the new ones, one for hunting, one for movies, etc. He borrowed a...
  11. Oldfart

    What interior cleaner on 12 inch center screen??

    Does that also work for Vaseline fueled spray??
  12. Oldfart

    What interior cleaner on 12 inch center screen??

    I think you may have misread his post. He wasn't asking about how to shoot a load onto his screen, he was asking how to CLEAN the screen. :cool: I actually use a little McGuire's detail spray and a microfiber cloth.
  13. Oldfart

    This is a hijacking

    What this ^^ guy said! GO SEE AN AUDIOLOGIST! Hearing damage from loud noise is almost never an across the board loss. You tend to lose frequency specific ranges. These hearing aids you see advertised on tv are total ********. They are just straight amplifiers. A good audiologist, after...
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    Yes, they are in pieces. :cool:
  15. Oldfart

    What kind of gas does everyone like ?

    I've obviously never experienced that yet, but it sounds like trouble. :hat:
  16. Oldfart

    Technical Service Bulletin for 2020 Raptors! (Read now)

    Mine was built Match of '20. Looks like a hell of a major job for that repair!
  17. Oldfart

    Raptor Regret?

    I'm pretty sure that is what happens if you say that it's wrong for a grown man to go into a girls locker room. :gayfight:
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    What kind of gas does everyone like ?

    I've gotten pretty good at ignoring the numbers on the pump. I remember the first half dozen times when I put a full tank in after Joe did our gas price adjustments, I was pretty shocked! I never knew the pumps shut off at $100 until then.
  19. Oldfart

    What kind of gas does everyone like ?

    Top Tier 93, or 94 if you have it in your area. Sunoco Ultra 94 is the best where I am. Yes, it will run on crap gas and not hurt the engine, but you are limiting the power for no good reason. It's a performance engine and it takes advantage of good fuel.
  20. Oldfart

    Are there better options for pads and rotors then OEM?

    Yes, apparently "little bastards" is no longer used either.
  21. Oldfart

    5 start tunes

    With their tune, does it not start anymore after the fifth start? I would think that would be problematic. :cool:
  22. Oldfart

    Are there better options for pads and rotors then OEM?

  23. Oldfart

    Sounds Good Stereo concern

    I'm guessing it's not a good sign if they don't even respond to a thread about themselves in five days.
  24. Oldfart

    Upgrading the TWINS

    ME TOO, I figured one of you guys just bought himself a fancy new pair to show off at the climate change rallies!