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    Need Part #

    Does anybody know the part number for the cover?
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Any photos of Fuel Off-Road Block. Im interested in those. They also looks like a pain in the rear to wash. Are they manufactured in the US or China?
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    B&O Headliner Speakers

    The problem was solved for me. No more crackling when raising the volume.
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    B&O Headliner Speakers

    I had this problem. Went to the dealer and they just installed a new headrest from what i was told. This was back in 21.
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    Console Vault Thoughts?

    Interesting. I thought e&g went out of business
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Just the windows down. Do I need to add all three? Just never needed windows up since i only use window down when im walking to my trucks.
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    GEN3 Forscan

    I tried the Global Windows and it does not seem to be working. Is it working for other folks? I remember a while back someone saying that this did not work on the Raptors.
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    Issue with radar detectors?

    Yes. I had that issue with an old ****** 9500ix. I heard the newer ones dont give false alarms with all the crap in new vehicles. Anyone have the ****** Redline 360c? Curious if this one blocks out all the false alarms from the vehicle. LOL. ES CORT IS CENSORED?
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    Changing display icons?

    Only the center button is customizable. Where your zone lighting button is, you can put settings or other useless tabs. You have to press that spot twice and it will let you edit.
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    Front parking sensor issue

    Exactly like me. I dont understand when they say that they cant replicate the issue when it happens to me 95% of the time. So annoying.
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    I am also looking at this date or August 28/29. So far there are 12 registered for 21/22 and 2 registered for 28/29.
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    Poll-Do you acknowledge fellow Raptor Drivers?

    Seems like many Raptor owners are old folks in Atlanta. They just mind their own business. Plus no one would see me wave with my dark tint.
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    Couple of Questions About Auto Wipers and Seats

    This isnt my first rodeo with auto wiper and memory seats. This certainly is not normal.
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    Installed - Fog, Driving/Combo, Spot lights - Baja Designs Squadron Pro

    These days, any vehicle with hid/led bulbs are blinding from factory. Acura's new lights always blinded me.
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    Couple of Questions About Auto Wipers and Seats

    I have been running into issues where when I turn on my truck, the wipers tend to wipe once. My memory seat also does not go all the way to the spot I have it memorized from time to time. Anyone else experiencing these issues?
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    Front parking sensor issue

    Update? Wonder what the update does? My rear, passenger side sensor goes off like crazy most of the time when reversing. But everytime I take it to the dealer, they can't replicate the issue. Damn ghosts.
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    Forscan purchase Braptor is correct. But I bought from the actual website because I dont use Amazon. I received my cable in 2 days also.
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    Squealing Brakes in the Morning or Cold Weather.

    Is anyone else having issues with squealing brakes in the morning or cold weather? This has been happening to me from when I first got my truck. I did take it to the dealership and they just greased the slider pins.
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    TFL detailed look at the GEN3 Exhaust System

    GTR? I would say no. I rather say it sounds like a 350z with a turbo. Sound is good baja or sport mode. Certainly sounds like a j a p car and not a truck.
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    Gen 3 baja exhaust.

    Interesting. Never thought of v10 because a buddy of mine has one and the baja mode doesnt remind me of it. I tell people it sounds like a 350z, which it technically is cause both are v6.
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    Laser Detector Issue

    I plugged up my ****** radar detector, and the laser alert kept blasting every 20 sec or so. First time having a truck with all the bell and whistles. Does anybody else have this problem? I have the ****** Passport 9500ix.
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    Headrest Speaker Buzzing

    I just picked up my gen 3 raptor with B&O Unleashed. On the drive back i started hearing a buzzing/crackling sound from the left side of the driver seat headrest. Does this mean it is blown?