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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    He actually received...or is anticipating an allocation? Allocations were not supposed to be issued to dealerships until next week. Anyone else had a dealership confirm they RECEIVED one or more 24 allocations for the "R"?
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    '23 and 24' inbound

    The OP needs to take a hike. What chutzpah!
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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    Given order banks opened on the could FORD have asked for numbers on the 9th?
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    2024 Raptor R order difficulties.

    Placed an order for a 2024 Raptor R, Shelter Green @ 10K over MSRP with a local dealer last Wendsday. Nobody has allocations yet but the order bank is open. 24 will be an interesting year as the Fed continues to raise rates to combat inflation which in "normal times" would suppress the inventory...
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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    Was there any info on roughly when the first round of allocations would be issued (i.e. are we looking at that to occur in the next week(s), or months?
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    2024 Raptor R Reviews

    From TFL Offroad
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    R Update for 2024

    With potentially additional HP (maybe a modest increase if so) do we think there will be slightly improved 0-60 times? Put another way, how much of an increase would be needed to realize an additional 1/10 of a second off the currently advertised 3.6 second 0-60 time? And how many gallons per...
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    R Update for 2024

    Anybody seen an order guide?
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    Just wanted to inform you all that Azure Gray is no longer available...

    Took delivery of a 23 Superduty in really is a neat color with multiple personalities. Like most tricoats, images do not do it justice, you have to view in person from different angles and lighting conditions to appreciate its beauty.
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    R Update for 2024

    Build and price is up? Where - just checked Fords website, only 23MY is reflected
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    R Update for 2024

    Raptor R is getting a power boost for 24..."Over 700 HP"...we just dont know how much yet
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    what do you see wrong here?

    I would also think about replacing all the Grade 5 with Grade 8 bolts. Pretty sad in a 110K plus vehicle one would have to do that but given these are supposed to be hard changing trail rated machines, IMO grade 5 fasteners for the suspension are unacceptable
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    R Update for 2024

    2024 F150 (and presumably the "R") live reveal this evening @ 2000 East Coast Time from the Detroit Auto Show:
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    R Update for 2024
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    Should I have any reservations buying a Canadian Gen 3?

    Definately stay away - you'll acquire the impulsive urge to pull into Tim Horton's and spend all your loonies/toonies on triple/triples
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    R on Lot in Texas

    Really. Where?
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    Gen 1 to Raptor R

    Also have a slot for a 24 "R" with 10K ADM. Not so uncommon.
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    Anybody have that little constant annoying creaking sound coming from the center console of their Raptor R?

    Ford truck center consoles have been historically challenged with creaking many instances its flexture of either the trim pieces or frame components (one cannot expect quality in an inexpensive 100K plus truck).
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    R Update for 2024

    One would think...but alas: 2024 Ford F-150 Reveal
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    R available. 8-1-23

    Buyers that pay these excessive ADM foster dealer behavior and greed. Hang in there will find a more reasonable ask as supply/demand mismatch trend further towards balance going forward.
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    R available. 8-1-23

    People are still paying that kind of money? ADMs elsewhere around the country are definately shrinking...all it takes is a little due diligence to locate a dealer that will sell for 10K over MSRP if not @ MSRP.
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    Graphics or no Graphics

    Although removing the graphics may in the opinion of some improve the looks of the truck, it could negatively impact value from the standpoint of collectors. A minor issue as many will buy the truck to use/enjoy but another factor to consider.
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    R Update for 2024

    Did the color look to be Shelter Green like this or something else?
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    R Update for 2024

    Detroit Auto Show (September 13-24) seems to be the place for the official unveiling of the updated F-150s
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    R Update for 2024

    Would be nice to see a Quad Exhaust on the "R" for future models to help further differentiate from the base Raptor and improve breathing