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  1. Roscoe S

    VIDEO | Wastegate or Cam Phaser Rattle on cold startup?

    Mine also sounds exactly like that, thank you all for confirming it's not the Cam Phasers . I also got the 21B10 update about a year ago. Never had the Cam Phaser issue
  2. Roscoe S

    2022 Ford Raptor Winner!

    You F'n won it?!
  3. Roscoe S

    How much taxes and fees do you pay annually in SC or NC state?

    Bought mine new in August of 2019. For 2021 Taxes and Fees, I paid about $385 for my renewal. They base it on their value on the vehicle, they had mine valued at $50,570. If you live inside the city limits, you will also get hit with the city tax. Every year their value goes down and the renewal...
  4. Roscoe S

    Aftermarket Wheels

    That looks really good
  5. Roscoe S

    Tint on pano sunroof

    What Tint brand did you decide on?
  6. Roscoe S

    Locked Out

    I remote started mine the other day through the FordPass app, the doors will lock automatically. Key fob was in the truck and never learned the door code either. Went to unlock it through the app and it just app was non responsive. This went on for about 5 minutes before I rebooted the app.
  7. Roscoe S

    2019 black 802a I’m considering

    Would be a really good deal here in NC
  8. Roscoe S

    New Member in ATL area

    I believe it's when they fill the tires with Nitrogen as opposed to just air
  9. Roscoe S

    Seat Belt Alarm Chime Disable

    For anyone who doesn't need or want the Nanny chime. Did mine right after I bought it in 2019. If you have a farm or something, it's nice. I know it works on Gen 2, putting this out there for any Gen 3 owners to see if it works.
  10. Roscoe S

    License Plate Holes

    Here's another option
  11. Roscoe S

    License Plate Holes Here's something from Swarfworks (says Gen 2)
  12. Roscoe S

    New member from SATX - traded new M5

    Just showed it to her, she drooled and said I needed to make more money She currently in her 2016 Camaro SS 6 speed
  13. Roscoe S

    New member from SATX - traded new M5

    My wife wants the Blackwing soooooo bad!! Would love to see a few pics
  14. Roscoe S

    Not A Raptor but it's priced right.

    I'll take a Cadillac Blackwing for $114,000
  15. Roscoe S

    GEN 2 What else is in your garage?

    Do you Wakeboard on Lake Hickory or James?
  16. Roscoe S

    Can phaser rattle

    Thanks for the info, just called the dealership and they confirmed you are correct.
  17. Roscoe S

    Can phaser rattle

    I saw the message on my FordPass app yesterday. My truck just happens to be at the dealership for a few days. I called and asked about this recall notice. She told me Ford told them NOT to do the fix because it is causing transmission issues.
  18. Roscoe S

    Built a pool

    Hard to believe its hotter there than her in North Carolina, only gonna get to 90 today
  19. Roscoe S

    Aftermarket Parts Availbility Gen 3

    Just checked their website, starting at $2300, holy crap
  20. Roscoe S

    Old member checking back in. Vendor question

    @Pacific Wheel
  21. Roscoe S

    Creaking noise from interior door handle

    I would put it where the plastic pieces come together. Worked great on my 4runner and I'm gonna do it to the Raptor. Just spent 11 hours straight in the Raptor with my knee doing the same thing. Drove my crazy