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  1. Stingray23

    GEN3 Ford Raptor R Owner Pics!

    Oh no, Its dirty! Now your ceramic coating and PPF is gonna melt. Looks great.
  2. Stingray23

    Mistaking the 2023 Raptor R for the 2024 Raptor R

    Very annoying. I've watched a few videos and I couldnt anymore. Also, calling it a Gen 4 is stupid.
  3. Stingray23

    2023 vs 2024 avalanche comparison

    I'm not a huge fan of the refresh. First, whats with the black trim instead of grey? Thats a Raptor R exclusive thing from 2023. I MUCH prefer the traditional grey trim. Now they both look the same and similar to other F150's. The front end has become too busy looking. The design of the...
  4. Stingray23

    2024 Raptor Order MSRP

    Why are these trucks still selling for MSRP or above? Makes no sense.
  5. Stingray23

    Shelter Green 37PP YouTube Video

    Same here. I watched a bunch of videos this past weekend and I really dislike the '24. Why the black bumpers and fender flares? Why black wheels? The FORD in the grill looks terrible with that new texture. Same for the rear tailgate. The taillights look like they stole the design from toyota...
  6. Stingray23

    Gen 2 to 3?

    Biggest mistake Ford did was make these huge sunroofs on pickup trucks. Totally unnecessary and nothing but a repair nightmare. Stick to the classic sunroofs or none at all.
  7. Stingray23

    Market Value thoughts?

    Meh. I'll keep mine till it rots. Only have 65k miles on my 2012. Definitely worth more to me than $20k-$30k.
  8. Stingray23

    GEN 1 SCabs with Sony - Replacing Sub

    I take it this sub is powered with a separate amp? All I want to do is replace the factory sub and use the factory amp/wires.
  9. Stingray23

    Oil filter close out
  10. Stingray23

    2017 Black Ford Raptor Super Cab

    You cant beat the tax savings we have here in NY. Makes a big difference.
  11. Stingray23

    What raptor look do u like better? Gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3?

    Gen 1 has that natural, organic look. Its gonna look great in 20 yrs Gen 2 was a huge departure and still looks good, but comes across as too cartoonish Gen 3 also looks good but its like Gen1 and Gen2 had sex and had an 1nbred kid
  12. Stingray23

    2017 Black Ford Raptor Super Cab

    Queens or Staten Island?
  13. Stingray23

    New Tire Time, What's Good These Days?

    I'm in need of tires as well and will be buying very soon. I'm done with K02's. They wear too fast. I'm leaning toward Toyo R/T Trails.
  14. Stingray23

    Roof Spoiler

    When I need a laugh, I check out the GEN3 forum.
  15. Stingray23

    2024 Raptor Order MSRP

    Exactly. Just another excuse.
  16. Stingray23

    RAM 1500 TRX dead after MY2024

    If they can make 50+HP more and price it $8K-$10K cheaper than the Raptor, it will succeed. Ford is overpricing the Raptor IMO.
  17. Stingray23

    Gen 2 build, late to the party.

    Some of the new guys are gonna have seizures looking at these pics. Especially the GEN3 guys. It would ruin their ceramic coating.
  18. Stingray23

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Ford needs to finally get rid of these huge moonroofs on the F150. Too many issues. Its a truck, not an SUV.
  19. Stingray23

    What Color is your Favorite 2024 (POLL)

    I wouldnt say that. They did offer orange and blue back in '10-'11. Red took over for orange in '12. Gen 2 had a couple of blues, reds. Ford gave up on blue in '22, though they kept black, I mean, antimatter and added a weird powder blue. I wish Ford would add more exciting colors at the same...
  20. Stingray23

    What Color is your Favorite 2024 (POLL)

    All of the colors are boring. Ford took a step back in color choices.
  21. Stingray23

    I’m back and I need help!

    For me, I'd go with the '21 truck as long as theres no issues with the carfax.