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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    My dealership said even if I wanted to pay for it, it cant be added. I was like ummmmmmmmm, You sure about that?
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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    I may need ot met up with both of you! I'm in RI and need some help with the heated steering wheel swap from @ekalb and @DRaptor13 sounds like a good time!
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    Heated Steering option to be installed by dealer at no extra cost to customers!

    Has anyone had any luck with the recall and their dealer either covering the retrofit or paying for the retrofit?
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    Heated Steering option to be installed by dealer at no extra cost to customers!

    I mean, Ford lost 4 BILLION on EVs, why not just close a little more on the lightning retro fitting the heated steering wheel...
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    Husky Rear Wheel Liner

    you may get a better response if you ask this isn the Heated steering wheel thread...
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    Checking for your order status? Give Ford Performance a break :)

    So I remember doing this on my 2017 gen 2 once. week. My 2023 37PP just randomly showed up 2 weeks ago at the dealer. He called me and the first thing he said to me was "Did you hear the good news?" I figured we got a VIN number and the process was starting. He goes your truck just showed up...
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    2023 37 Package Order

    I highly doubt that it's the wheels holding the order up. I bet they don't have an allocation for a 37PP. I ordered my 37PP back in September and it showed up Wednesday last week. I also hadn't heard any updates from Ford as to the status of my truck. It just showed up at the dealer. My dealer...
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    Arrived at the dealer today...and the carrier driver does over $7000 damage NOW THE REST OF THE STORY

    that's horrible man. I would walk as I know It with bother me every day even if they fixed it and no one ever knew. Thats just me.
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    How will you pay for R?

    This is my thought process. If I'm spending at this price point, I'll get a M5. The build quality will be that of a $125K vehicle. I just don't think a F150, no mater what you put in it makes it worth $115K + ADM. I was hoping the R would be something closer to a $10K Price bump over a 37", not...
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    So every time this thread pops up I just get more and more pissed. I ordered my 23 37” in the beginning of September. Then the heated steering wheel thing comes up along with other things that have been removed along the way. The value of my 2017 gen 2 is going down, rates are getting worse and...
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    Advanced Security Pack Inclination / Intrusion Sensor Removal (16P)

    So does any one who has a 23 on order feel like it may not be worth it at this point. It seems like the 23s will be missing a bunch of options, killing resale for the 23 model year Trucks down the road. What will they take out next? Sorry, had to delete paddle shifters, but we took $6 off the...
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    The question is what component is the missing link? Is it the steering wheel, a chip or something in the wiring?
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    Several people have stated it wold not de able to be added latter. Not sure if this is accurate
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    Purchasing at MSRP?

    Ordered a 37 at MSRP last month. It can be done. Got my 17 at MSRP as well.
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    Looks like it’s all 2023s at this point...
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    I just got a call from my sales rep asking me to remove the heated steering wheel from my build for my 2023 37”. I’m so ******* annoyed right now. Basic feature I use all winter in New England winters.
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    Agreed. A different driving experience, but also a bad ass vehicle!
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    So when will we find out if this is all F150s or some? I have to be honest, I love my 2017 Raptor (probably my favorite vehicle I’ve owned) and would have gotten a R but I didn’t feel like paying the ADM. I worked to find a MSRP deal on a 37’’ and ordered a few weeks ago. Now who knows when I’ll...
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    Dealer Sold My Raptor 37 to Another Buyer!

    Tell them you're going to sue them for breach of contract. Tell them you'll settle for a 37 at invoice and you won't take them to court. It will cost them more money to pay lawyers to go to court to fight it. I would be in their interest to just give you the deal.
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    Raptor R - Will you be buying this beast.

    I mean, I'm not going to buy a Gen 3 until I have all of the info on the R. I'm happy with my Gen 2 at the moment. If its stupid expensive with ADMs, I'll pass. I wont pay ADM, period. If a standard Gen 3 is going to run me $75K and a R is going to be $85K, well I could be convinced. If the R is...
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    2019 Raptor Intel

    I have the factory bead locks on my 17 and think they look great. If I was ordering now, I would skip these and get a set of Methods.
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    2019 Info

    I can imagine how bad those seats will wear after a few months of me getting in the truck after crossfit covered in sweat...