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  1. ATXraptor75

    Did the ADD Phantom front bumper

    Awesome to hear. I'll order one today.
  2. ATXraptor75

    Did the ADD Phantom front bumper

    hows the ACC relo working for you? I have a frame cut evil front bumper on my 23 and with the relo bracket cruise control wont work. My local shop, Texasmotorworx said that all these relocation brackets are kind of a toss up and cruise control might or might not work. Haven't seen a lot of guys...
  3. ATXraptor75

    Evil MFG Rear Bumper Install

    I just had to notch the bolt holes down about 1/4 in to get tailgate to not hit. Haven’t had an issue since the initial mock up install.
  4. ATXraptor75

    Gen3 Exhaust Options for High Clearance Bumpers

    I’ll get you a better pic, looks fine. You’d have to be really looking for the tailpipes to see them…. Side exit would be better and that’s my eventual plan.
  5. ATXraptor75

    GEN 2 What else is in your garage?

    67 Camaro - Full resto with roadstershop chassis, wegner 441 LS7, T56 Magnum and a few other bits 1971 K5- 1 tons, 383 stroker, and turbo 350 trans. Plans to link the front and do kings all around
  6. ATXraptor75

    2023 OEM Intercooler + Fans

    Sold all the bumpers/skid plates- just intercooler and fans left
  7. ATXraptor75

    37x13.50 Tires on 37pp

    Eibach 2.2/1.5 coils 0 offset methods
  8. ATXraptor75

    Relocation Bracket for Adaptive Cruise Controll that actually works?

    Hi All, I put on recently put on a evil MFG front frame cut bumper that relocated the adaptive cruise control and front parking sensors. Both don’t work at all now even using the supplied relocation brackets from Evil. Wondering if anyone has had better luck with other relo brackets? Saw a...
  9. ATXraptor75

    2023 OEM Intercooler + Fans

    Bumping. Open to hearing any offers, trying to clean out the garage!
  10. ATXraptor75

    TOYO M/T 37X12.5 R17

    I run them. I had a 37pp pack and they rubbed a bit at full lock on fender liner. Some trimming fixed that. Installed eibachs so no problem at all anymore. 0 offset method wheels
  11. ATXraptor75

    37x13.50 Tires on 37pp

    Not sure the trimming or extra weight is worth it. Just stick to 12.5s!
  12. ATXraptor75

    Question for former Gen 2 owners now in a Gen 3.

    Piling on - the ride, tech, stereo, is much better with Gen3 (in my opinion). Of course I chopped up a new truck with bumpers so none of my front sensors are working but overall no regrets! No denying the more tech has some gremlins in it (IE carplay doesn't always worked, TPMS sensors failing...
  13. ATXraptor75

    2023 OEM Intercooler + Fans

    All parts pulled off a Gen3 raptor in new condition with less than 500 miles. Put on after market bumpers from evil mfg. Front intercooler assembly- fans, intercooler, vents, piping - $500 Open to offers on everything, trying to clear out the storage room.
  14. ATXraptor75

    SDHQ Chase Rack For Sale in Tx

    How much are you asking?
  15. ATXraptor75

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Yes eibach springs. 37in toyo mts