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  1. MTF

    GEN 2 Misfires on cylinders 1, 2, & 3

    Yes I was responding to @rppr but it could be his is a Gen 2 as well, like yours.
  2. MTF

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Did you go with the Stainless-steel brake lines all around? That made the biggest difference for me.
  3. MTF

    GEN 2 Misfires on cylinders 1, 2, & 3

    Has the fuse #27 (fuse for fuel pump) relocation been done?
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    New member from Norway

  5. MTF

    Transmission issues

    Again, you keep on making up lies and you are just a joke. You are pathetic!!! As a parts counter guy how would you know what Ford and SVT did with Whipple. You are assuming usually.
  6. MTF

    Transmission issues

    Lol, are you OK? You're not normal that's for sure! You can't stand when someone says you're not entirely right, you have serious ego issues. I've helped many Raptor owners with supercharging. Being involved with Whipple and several Ford calibrators getting the tune refined and trying...
  7. MTF

    Transmission issues

    Still making up lies!!! And talking shiit when people are modding their Raptors, which you have no clue or correct input, you are the joke. I know you're jealous of my truck but damn, you are one sad soul.
  8. MTF

    Transmission issues

    You're just the greatest, I guess your parts book tells you that, you never disappoint. LOL It has maximum HP of 600 a maximum torque capacity of 570 ft. lbs., stock.
  9. MTF

    Transmission issues

    Check the harness from the PCM down to the tranny, make sure nothing is burnt by the exhaust. Now, not knowing how the previous owner drove the truck with the pedal commander is a concern. He or she could have had it at the highest setting and just harmed the tranny. Do you know the shop that...
  10. MTF

    Fix or swap HELP!

    Not if you use Livernois's Tune! Only Livernois has developed a proper calibration for the cams.
  11. MTF

    ADD suspension kit for 1st gen raptor

    So, a Gen 1 kit on a new Raptor R Yah, that sounds about right. Anyway, here's the link where you need to be. After fulfilling the forum guidelines.
  12. MTF

    Coil Pack upgrade?

    That's fine, I'm still with original OEM coils 11 years Supercharged. But I'm only with 38,000 miles in 13 1/2 years. I don't go off-roading or puddle pounding in mud and wash the engine down once a year with Simple Green.
  13. MTF

    Bank 1 sensor 1 constant fault

    What Tune is running on the truck?
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    Coil Pack upgrade?

    Toyota o_O, I hope you get that Gen1 done soon.
  15. MTF

    Coil Pack upgrade?

    Not to be rude but this is the Gen 1 section. You really do not want a hotter or bigger spark, it will cause pinging when the motor is laboring at lower rpms. OEM coils are really good.
  16. MTF

    GT350 87mm Throttle Body on a Gen 1 Raptor

    Well, the GT500 TB is 130mm (twin 65mm), you need that for Supercharging. But the stock TB is more than big enough for the stock 6.2L engine, the stock motor is not going to pump any more air, unless you go with a bigger cam, bore the cylinder. The Tunes that our Tuning vendors wrote max out...
  17. MTF

    Roush or Whipple for gen 1

    Whipple, more power, better support. And please do yourself a favor and upgrade the oil pump gears!!!
  18. MTF

    Engine Bay Cleaning

    WD-40 is the worst product on the market!!!!!!!! It's only good for making metal rust!!! And destroying plastic and rubber!!!!!
  19. MTF

    2011 w/ 2.9l Stage 1 Whipple Surging issues

    It takes around 50 miles of mixed driving to complete a fuel trim cycle and up to 300 miles for transmission learning cycle. Normally the PCM will adjust for altitude, but you will see an HP drop due to less dense air. I would throw that question at 5Star just to make sure.
  20. MTF

    2011 w/ 2.9l Stage 1 Whipple Surging issues

    How many miles again on the truck? Changing temperature outside may have something to do with that and flashing new tunes. You can pull timing if you want with the SCT handheld device. But I would data log with 5Star first, you may have to remove some timing in the hot summer months!!!
  21. MTF

    2011 w/ 2.9l Stage 1 Whipple Surging issues

    If the Tuner you're using is using HPTuner software to do the Tune, I can tell you right now it's never going to work right. HPTuner never was able to correctly hack the SCT file format into HPTuner for "A Supercharged GEN I Raptor"!!! I believe there were three SC Raptors that generated their...
  22. MTF

    Whipple 3.8L Supercharger Upgrade - Pics inside

    I don't know all the drive settings the SC R has, but I've seen videos of it launching without tire skip/slip. You'll probably have to use 4X4 not Auto and lock the rear and use sport mode and/or traction control all the way off. The E-locking rear gear will not disengage while under load, it...
  23. MTF

    6.2L Leaking Coolant at the Thermostat Housing

    You have the right parts. It seems my 2010 1/2 came with the gasket that you insert around the thermostat. Which works well for me, I simply slip different thermostats in as needed. I could use the O-ring, but I believe I would have to buy a new O-ring every time I change the thermostat. OEM is...
  24. MTF

    Oil Separator Catch Can

    Just a little FYI, both Mobil1 Extended Performance and Ford Racing oil filter is superior then the standard Motorcraft one.