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  1. Levrac68

    Gen 2 Raptor MPG's...what are you getting???

    Heavy footing it around town.... 12. Normal around town 14. I get 19ish on the HWY going 300 miles to NH every month.
  2. Levrac68

    GEN 2 Is the NEW tech package worth it?

    I had a Grey 2018 with it and traded it in for a Race Red 18 without it, but with the better wheel package. It was nice, but not a must have for me. The must haves are the wheels, the full moon roof, bed liner and extender, and the level 2 pkg. I like the leather wrapped shifter over the...
  3. Levrac68

    2017 ford raptor custom sunscreen sunshade covercraft uvs100 series

    I had to return mine... Not a fan of the fit. It does not cover the entire windshield and lets lots of sun in from the top and some from the sides. I called your company to ensure I ordered the right one, and they confirmed it. Too bad, because I think it has a cleaner look than the roll up...
  4. Levrac68


    I cut mine with a dremel to a nub and spray painted it black... No problems and next to nothing in cost.
  5. Levrac68

    Not a raptor but... damn!

    Ouch! Carnage...
  6. Levrac68

    You order a truck & the dealership allows others to test drive YOUR truck. WWYD?

    18 miles on mine when I picked it up. I've had a few new cars in my life and almost all had over 10 miles on them. None had over 18 though.
  7. Levrac68

    Show off your latest pics

    My good luck snow storm on pick up.
  8. Levrac68

    New Member... Won't look like this again for a bit.
  9. Levrac68

    New Member...

    Thanks... I've had sports cars most of my life, but this is only my 3rd truck. The idea was for me to have something that would be a bit of both. 500 miles in and no complaints. I only have a few things I'd like to be different, but not so bad as to complain about them. The foot pedals and...
  10. Levrac68

    New Member...

    Long Island, but the truck is more for NH. What area are you in?
  11. Levrac68

    New Member...

    I live in NY, but have a house in NH... My 250 broke down in NH so I took it to the local dealer. Made a deal on a Raptor with them while the 250 was in the shop which fell through since he couldn't produce a Raptor. I searched NH/VT and found a few at one dealer up North VT. I figured they...
  12. Levrac68

    New Member...

    Traded in my 2016 F-250 for a 2018 Magnetic Gray Raptor... Had to travel a bit to get the deal done, but well worth it so far.