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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    More than likely.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Sent goosetune 9,000 bucks. Ha. Big turbos incoming My dealer gave my R allocation away. I’ve decided to keep the is truck and have fun.
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    Upgraded my 2015 F-150 to 2021 Raptor and in Love

    Nice truck. Don’t go 20”
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Union member get her feelings hurt? Go to HR and file a complaint. Clown
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    I peeled that UAW sticker off day one and pissed on it.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Nice. I like the way mine looks as well, I just wish it didn’t leak so bad.
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    That’s real nice Clark.
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    F250 diesel and F150 Raptor comparison (by owners of both)?

    I daily drove a diesel for more than 20 years. I towed a lot more back then too. Ride quality alone is worth the switch, but I would beat my head against the wall if I tried to tow anything with my raptor. It’s a driving truck for sure. I have another truck I use to pull with.
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    Current ford interest rates for raptor

    The way I understand using your 401k is that the amount that is financed is taken out of the market and basically sits in a account until the loan is paid in full. So you’re paying yourself the interest but you’re not gaining anything with that money in the market. After processing fees I’m...
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    GEN3 FORSCAN Autostart disable not working? Anyone have success?

    There is tuning for 21-22 year model gen 3’s. Tuning for 2023 is not out yet.
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    GEN3 FORSCAN Autostart disable not working? Anyone have success?

    Last I heard forscan auto start stop will not work on a gen 3. I tried all variations on mine and it did not work. Just get it tuned and you’ll be the best of both worlds. No start stop and more power .
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    Need help w Performance Parts

    Ford will not rebuild but they will sell you new ones.
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    Unstable wobbling at high speed under hard accel

    I’m ordering rings tomorrow. I’ll see if alleviates my problem. I’ll report back
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    100+ MPH issues

    Thank you! And yes I believe that’s it.
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    100+ MPH issues

    Haha. That’s where I set my cruise control, I need a bit more.
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    100+ MPH issues

    Recently my truck has a very serious issue when I’m going over 100mph. It sways side to side violently under heavy throttle from 98 mph and up. If I ease into the throttle it’s smooth but under 3/4+ throttle it’s pretty sketchy. When I pass on 2 lane roads I usually give it all it’s got to...
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    upgraded the B&O not so unleashed.

    Hahaha. It’s more than I need, im not a stereo guy. A friend of mine was going to “hook” me up with a local installer. He f’d it up so bad I had to go to another shop and get it fixed. Ended up 4k in on a stereo I didn’t even want. Haha
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    upgraded the B&O not so unleashed.

    Just had this installed in my truck. Perfect fit just lost jack space.
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    We lost a Raptor R today. RIP

    These are the same idiots that put two different sets of wheels on a truck, each side had different wheels and they called it two face. They really thought they would change the game with that one. Awful taste
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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    I’ve confirmed I’m still on the first batch of allocations list. Not sure when that will be
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    Corporate Purchase - 2024 R @MSRP

    Once such dealer is found please let them know I would like to buy an R for personal satisfaction. Will not sell until fully enjoying it.