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    Mirror Reverse Tilt?

    Do the side view mirrors not have a tilt feature when you put the transmission into reverse? Pretty damn frustrating trying to see the parking spot lines without a tilt. Can’t put a spot mirror in the upper left corner as it will kill the lane alert. My Raptor is fully loaded if that makes a...
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    F150 tailgate Applique

    Who makes it?
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    Anyone Switch to Full Synthetic Oil?

    I get that the Fumoto valve makes changes easier and plenty of folks use them, but….. It’s a mechanical valve that can fail and then, you are pretty much fked. Will it fail? Very likely never, but I personally will deal with taking out a bolt and putting a bolt back in. New engines are very...
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    Anyone Switch to Full Synthetic Oil?

    Thats why I asked. I ran full synthetic in all my diesel Super Duty’s, but dont know if I trust semi synthetic in a twin turbo “high output” V6
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    Anyone Switch to Full Synthetic Oil?

    Anyone with a Gen 3 switch to full synthetic when doing an oil change?
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    2022 Raptor Tailgate Applique Notice!!

    It looks fine on some colors, crap on others. I think the delete works best with darker colors where the F150 is harder to see. The red above looks good. My Atlas Blue looks good too.
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    UPDATE: So dealer performed TSB 22-2224 (PCM update) in which the chief complaint is an engine shudder at tip in and concerns transmission shudder at highway speeds in gear 8-10. While I did not have any engine shudder, my issue certainly happens most at highway speeds, getting worse around...
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    Pics of the black out Raptor decals?
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    What was the issue?
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    Made an appointment. Dealer says they have a road force machine. What tire pressure are you guys running?
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    2022 35”, couple months old,500 miles….. From day 1, there is a steering wheel vibration at highway speeds. I see threads concerning front suspension vibration issues, but doesnt seem like folks are complaining about the steering wheel vibrating. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind...
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    2021 Gen 3 Eibach Front Leveling Springs

    That is contradicting. How can a 2.5” lift level out the truck?
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    2022 Fender Flare Color Code?

    Please be sure to stop back here when that update happens. I actually tried today to have a paint distributor use a scanning camera to pull the formula. Nowhere near J7 and only a 68% match using variances. I didnt get it made. Not looking to spend $35 for a mismatched color. I need the...
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    Do RPG 1.5” Collars Affect Ride Quality?

    Need some actual real world info from Gen 3 owners with the RPG 1.5” collars……… Do they affect ride quality?
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    Husky Rear Wheel Liner

    Flares do NOT need to be removed, just the 8 screws on the fender lip. And a little tip for those having a bit of a hard time to get the liner between the flare and fender lip……… Get yourself a plastic body trim set (like $5 at HF). Use the flat tool and insert just above the bottom of the...
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    2022 Fender Flare Color Code?

    Could the color be Sterling Gray (UJ) ?
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    Power Tailgate Noise….

    Nothing normal about a loud snapping/breaking sound!
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    Raptor Nameplate Color?

    I’ve seen some posts that say the emblem color is Sterling Gray (UJ) and some that say it is Magnetic Gray (J7), anyone know for sure?
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    Power Tailgate Noise….

    Searched before I posted without finding anything. Link?
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    Power Tailgate Noise….

    Brand new 2022 Raptor. When open, push the power tailgate button, gate rises and makes a really loud snapping/popping noise right before it closes. 1st time I heard it, I thought the cable lug snapped or some sort of similar issue. Does it every single time the gate closes. I can’t imagine...
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    2021 Raptor Wheel well liners?

    Do the Rugged Liners require any holes to be drilled?
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    Rappy Graphics no longer operating?

    Rocky Mn does not have the bedside Raptor decal for Gen 3. I emailed last week and was told they don’t have them, nor have plans of making them. Im guessing Ford is not allowing anyone to produce them anymore.