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  1. Fastback89

    Brake fluid leaking in cabin

    I’m curious if it’s grease from the pedal assembly that was overlubed from the factory. My old clunky 18 had a ton of grease that dripped one time on a 100 degree day….
  2. Fastback89

    Oil on Driver side Valve Head Cover?

    Finding new valve covers has been a huge issue, they always seem to be backordered.
  3. Fastback89

    CEL after Morimoto T-Stat Install?

    Interesting, I installed the 170 in mine and has not thrown the light after at least 2000 miles. I have been curious about the colder water temps going into winter.
  4. Fastback89

    GEN 2 Best spark plugs for bolt on stock tune?

    I installed the colder 542's in mine totally stock. It runs perfectly smooth. Not sure if they are still available?
  5. Fastback89

    2018 Cam Phaser

    Did you pour in the whole quart or just some of it???
  6. Fastback89

    GEN 2 2018 Raptor 3.5 liter Valve Covers

    I found mine on Ebay, that was a bunch of weeks ago. I would hope the backorders get filled soon......
  7. Fastback89

    Dealers and Warranty work

    It may not be cracked, I replaced mine several weeks ago and discovered the gasket on the old cover was pushed away. It's not an expensive repair either way. If your somewhat mechanical you can do it yourself..
  8. Fastback89

    UPDATE: Cam phasers AND cam shaft failure

    I guess my issue with this is why have the phasers been changed 3 times? Thats about 2 times too many.
  9. Fastback89

    Valve Cover Issue

    It was not bad, although the intake has to be removed. If you are somewhat mechanical you should fine. I would allow 1-2 hours max. My biggest issue was finding one. Hopefully your local dealers can get it for you.
  10. Fastback89

    Valve Cover Issue

    My Raptor is a late build 18 and was bought new. Recently I decided to replace the spark plugs with the 542's that I've had for at least 2 years. This is a low miles truck with only 22000 on the clock, so first time the engine cover was removed and of coarse I was shocked to see the puddle of...
  11. Fastback89

    GEN 2 Cam Phaser replacement in your own garage ...

    I just talked to a Ford tech that has done many. He does not pull the body for the phasers.
  12. Fastback89

    Wet Carpet and Tech Bulletin 19-2345 Condensate Drain

    I had a similar experience with mine, although I don't think my carpet got that wet but I did the recall myself and it was fixed for good..
  13. Fastback89

    Water leak - Front Passenger area

    I wonder if they did not push the rubber elbow on far enough? I did my own and can see how it would be easy to not do the TSB correctly.
  14. Fastback89

    GEN 2 Towing Track Car with 2019 Raptor - Need some help

    I tow a older mustang track car 2800lbs on an open trailer with gear and stuff with no problem and no mods to the truck at all.
  15. Fastback89

    LED light in front flare question

    Mine did the same thing, I bought 2 so I have a spare. It looks like moisture gets in and ruins the LED. They were fairly expensive, for such a small light. I think I paid $55 each
  16. Fastback89

    Ford 0% Financing

    I just recently bought a 20 Edge ST with 8 miles on the clock for 0% financing through Ford Credit
  17. Fastback89

    Give me some insight on GEN2 reliability

    I talked to a Ford Tech about the issue and he was under the impression the block was changed some time in 17 I think and while some had coolant issues right away others were fine. We have one of these in our fleet of cars also
  18. Fastback89

    Give me some insight on GEN2 reliability

    This is a recall on the 1.5 eco to run the auxiliary coolant pump for a period of time after shut down. Supposedly they had a bad batch of blocks that were eating coolant.
  19. Fastback89

    How did you come to afford your raptor?

    I work on cars for a living and bought my 18 new and paid it off. I’ve saved for almost 10 years for this truck.
  20. Fastback89

    Rough idle with auto start/stop disabled and A/C on

    I wonder if a quick cleaning of the throttle body would help?
  21. Fastback89

    GEN 2 Alignment after new front and rear springs

    They are just resetting the angle sensor when they are done with the adjustments. It’s a normal procedure
  22. Fastback89

    First Mod leveled truck

    I love that bike! What’s that like to ride? I’ve always wanted one of them
  23. Fastback89

    GEN 2 Metal pieces by windshield wiper?

    I epoxied mine back in just to be anal. I knew what they were just wanted them in there