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  1. im33303

    LED Headlights auto leveling reversed?

    I would really appreciate it if you send me the files too, please. Been using Forscan for some years now and am very familiar with it.
  2. im33303

    LED Headlights auto leveling reversed?

    Very great news! Thanks for sharing
  3. im33303

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Looking great and thanks for the pictures How bright are they compared to stock?
  4. im33303

    Iconic Silver Club Gen 3 Raptor

    More pictures please:cool:
  5. im33303

    Gen 3 Headlight Aim Adjustment for Load

    Same issue here even when loaded with people at the back. I've adjusted them down 1.5 turn by the screw (Clockwise) and still aiming very high and blinding people
  6. im33303

    RTR Evo 6 F-150 Wheel .. just came out within the last month

    Any pictures of the wheels installed?
  7. im33303

    Official Gen 3 COBB Tuning Thread - Accessport, Intake Bracket, etc

    Got it installed too on 2022 Spot on with no modifications required
  8. im33303

    Mishemoto IC fail?!

    Yes, You are expecting too much. Same figures give or take with my CVF intercooler. Its on a 2019 Raptor too
  9. im33303

    Dash Board A/F ratio readings are they accurate?

    Here is a snap shot from the stock OEM file
  10. im33303

    Dash Board A/F ratio readings are they accurate?

    Its pretty accurate. All your readings are just fine. 14.1 is the stoich reading from factory assuming 10% ethanol Going 10 AFR is due to Cat Over Temp must probably from my obsrevation. Stock intercooler will be heatsoaked in matter of seconds. thats why you are seeing those high Manifold...
  11. im33303

    Radiator fans

    Here is a stock 2019 Raptor Fan operating percentage vs Water Temp
  12. im33303

    Aftermarket Wheels

    Very nice indeed Any more pictures?
  13. im33303


    Very great looking
  14. im33303

    Titan7 T-AK1, ADD and Baja Design Build

    Congrats on the truck and the very nice combination you did. Wish they include wheels caps though
  15. im33303

    Blown Turbo?

    Might be just a loose pipe? Let us know
  16. im33303

    Any Black Gen 2 on 17" VenomRex 601s?

    What did you use for the white lettering? Great and different look from the crowd indeed