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  1. ezndo

    GEN 1 SYNC2 carplay module

    I just installed a similar kit (same box, different company) on my wife’s 2011 BMW X535D. Knowing what’s involved, I would install in a Raptor if I still had one lol. Seems to work pretty well and modernizes an older vehicle to a certain extent. Just have to be comfortable taking apart the...
  2. ezndo

    What are the best fitting headers for the 6.2?

    Back in the day, I ran SW headers and true dual exhaust On my 2010. Not an easy install but doable with jackstands. Fit was perfect, loud as hell with the S tube mufflers, especially cold starts. As an aside, I did not get them ceramic coated, they are far down in the engine bay where you can...
  3. ezndo

    OEM seats out of a donor truck

    Yup, most likely the heating element on top of the seat foam for the seat bottom. There is a write up somewhere here about it, I’ve done it 2X already.
  4. ezndo

    Was There a Time When…

    Antone remember the Wiz? Dunno what happened to him, but that guy did alot of stuff to his Gen 1, which gave me and many others great ideas. I miss the old forum even though I visit here almost every day.
  5. ezndo

    Pulled out because my F250 had some issues I didn't want to fix

    Pulled out? Dude, there is only 1 reason and this isn’t it
  6. ezndo

    Dealers in north NJ that anyone recommends?

    Well back in 2010 I bought mine from Mahwah Ford, they were great. But that was then this is now. Had bad experience with Rt. 23 Ford.
  7. ezndo

    Those that coated their undercarriage with POR-15

    I don’t have any pics bec i sold my 2010 but i used POR15 on the frame rails etc years ago and it held up great, even in NJ winters/salt. If you knocked off the loose stuff before you applied it should work well.
  8. ezndo

    Tonneau Cover=BNIB Also in Tampa, Fl area
  9. ezndo

    Who’s always wanted to try this?

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Subie…..
  10. ezndo

    Anyone wanna piss away $40k?

    Went there back in 2010 when I was shopping for my Raptor, ended up ordering from Mahwah Ford up the road and have avoided Paramus ever since.
  11. ezndo

    Leer Tonneau Cover-BNIB

  12. ezndo

    Best tonneau cover

    If your local, pick up only.
  13. ezndo

    Leer Tonneau Cover-BNIB

    Lowered price
  14. ezndo

    Leer Tonneau Cover-BNIB
  15. ezndo

    Where to sell during these crazy times

    GMTV was the lowest offer by far For my Gen 1. Autonation was the highest, but still lowball.
  16. ezndo

    GEN 1 2011 with 176k miles worth 25k?

    For comparison, I am the original owner of a 2010 Scab 93K mi with new shocks, tuneup, tires, brakes, the list goes on...wanted to see what type of offers I’d get, highest was 25K so I’d definitely pass on this one.
  17. ezndo

    FS: McNally Catch Can $100

    This kit was on my 2016 2.7L Ecoboost Edge ($352). The can is good for any ecoboost engine, but you’ll probably need new hose (cheap) to make it work on your Raptor. All fittings, hoses, instructions included. Ships on your dime from 33708.
  18. ezndo

    Rap Fam

    Maybe the PO messed up the relocation kit somehow, said screw it and just wired it back together? I’d get a new relo kit and fix it properly.
  19. ezndo

    FS... Refresh Your Gen 1 With These Parts

    Cmon Gen 1 guys...
  20. ezndo

    FS... Refresh Your Gen 1 With These Parts

    Bump for a great deal
  21. ezndo


    Ditto on the SW headers, true dual exhaust. 10 yrs going strong.
  22. ezndo

    Rigids New In The Box

  23. ezndo

    Rigids New In The Box

    Lower Price :$120 shipped to you
  24. ezndo

    Rigids New In The Box