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  1. FreightTerrain

    Pay It Forward Thread

  2. FreightTerrain

    Pay It Forward Thread

    method roost center cap insert. i lost a couple awhile back so i ordered an extra one. forgot to throw it in when i traded in my truck. brand new, was never on the truck. if you want to paypal me 60 cents for the stamp, ok, if not i will just make it my xmas gift to you. the last of the big...
  3. FreightTerrain

    Pedal Commander Stuffs

    i ran it for awhile at sport, +1. (the sport setting at plus 1, not the sport+). takes some getting used to so you dont give yourself whiplash when you mash it, but it does get up and go. having the 5.4, it should really make for a nice experience, but get ready to see your mpg's take a poop
  4. FreightTerrain

    pedal commander

  5. FreightTerrain

    pedal commander

    100 shipped. not sure how long it was on my truck, and i loved what it did, but traded my truck, so its for sale! all it needs is some new velcro. gen 1
  6. FreightTerrain

    GEN 1 The Gen 1 Raptor Experience.

    i dont think there will ever be another truck made thats any more badass looking than a scab raptor
  7. FreightTerrain

    Like my truck

    taken last fall. almost 9 1/2 years old today. ive loved the truck every single day (well, except for that one day a year i write a check for the property tax). sadly, i will soon be moving on. details after i get a vin, if that ever happens. someone is going to get a great truck......
  8. FreightTerrain

    GEN 1 small electrical problem

    mid summer, after work, when i got to my truck sitting in a hot parking lot, the passenger side window wouldnt go down using the driver side control. if i went to the passenger side to lower the window, it subsequently would go down using the driver side control, and would work until the...
  9. FreightTerrain

    2014 6.2L Ac Condenser

    wow, flat nothing as far as the eye can see. looks like western kansas/eastern colorado. (i grew up in western kansas)
  10. FreightTerrain

    method center cap button

    i actually found one on summit racing i think will work for 11 bucks. i contacted them about fitment and they werent sure so they replied that they would contact method. i will wait to see what they say.
  11. FreightTerrain

    method center cap button

    lost another one. not the first time its happened. even gorilla glued them in when installing. anyone have one of these lying around they would sell me?
  12. FreightTerrain

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    youre in oklahoma? it would up to kc. signed: the geography police :33:
  13. FreightTerrain

    Since I'm about finished killing the gremlins.....

    im screered to do it myself. have the kit. the stealership wants an arm and a leg to do it. and i only have four to begin with
  14. FreightTerrain

    bsa red dot

    sticking with the iron sights. they are accurate enough for my purposes. thats why im selling it
  15. FreightTerrain

    bsa red dot

    bsa red dot sight. never put it on my gun. $20 shipped. paypal
  16. FreightTerrain

    Beware of Peddle Commander

    had mine for several years. no issues. I wont drive my truck without it
  17. FreightTerrain

    Let's talk about the current market conditions for Gen 1 Raptors

    buying vehicles in general is considered a bad investment. especially new. depreciation is a killer. (mr obvious at your service) i purchased my 13 at the end of 2012 as a special order for 44k otd. completely stock scab. i think its one of the best financial decisions i ever made. just...
  18. FreightTerrain

    GEN 1 Upgraded to Svt!!!

    something to salivate over. you are welcome. sorry, not for sale. probably wont ever be. financially i could have traded my 1 for a 2. but my thought was, why trade down? which what was i felt i would be doing. gas near me now
  19. FreightTerrain

    No Raptor This Year?

    are you just hear to teach everyone how to spell?
  20. FreightTerrain

    New owner, 2011 6.2 Raptor

    mid perch........
  21. FreightTerrain

    free hood light pod mounts

    sold. or rather, given away
  22. FreightTerrain

    free hood light pod mounts

    theyre yours if you want em
  23. FreightTerrain

    free hood light pod mounts

    they are yours if you want em