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    I wanted to get a raptor r but prices are still crazy!!!!!

    Sounds a lot like the bourbon market. Secondary’s charging $1999 for Pappy has now moved to the smaller retailers and they get away with it. All that margin given away to independents is crazy. Farley actually got called out in an investor call a few quarters ago. Direct to consumer is the best...
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    Subliminal Messaging

    Is Ford taking a shot at UAW for wanting a 4 day work week and 5 days pay?
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    Prices after shipment restarts

    Same but different. GM gave me his allocation then the owner took it…
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    Sync 4 and Climate Control

    In the new system there is no indicator for what the temp is set at for driver or passenger?
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    New R with 4k miles i salvage yard here in AZ

    I wish you luck and if you win, can’t wait to see what you do with it. Your ‘66 is clean….
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    New R with 4k miles i salvage yard here in AZ

    What’s the threshold now for insurance to total it? If they paid an ADM that would be a bitter pill to swallow.
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    Arrived at the dealer today...and the carrier driver does over $7000 damage NOW THE REST OF THE STORY

    I’d love to know what should be disclosed as this is a gray area. I have a dealer near me whose bread and butter is buying Canadian cars, lemons that have been fixed and those with accident histories. I rolled in the lot one day and saw 2 MachE’s for sale in the used section. Both had less than...
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    Exhausted But Committed

    I have a bigger problem with Ford not creating a reservation system for previous Raptor owners giving them first dibs. Also can’t fathom why Ford lets dealers sell out of their territory. A local shop by me has a 350 with a trailer waiting in the parking lot almost every time a new rap comes off...
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    Worth it

    Always one in the crowd. Aren’t you on another thread saying you’ll add an R bumper to your rig. Apparently you think it’s worth it to look like an R yet not worth purchasing an actual R.
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    Worth it

    For those the have received a R, is it worth the lift in price? I let go my ‘18 in anticipation of a R, had an allocation and was first on the list until the owner took it for themselves. That put me way down in the list to order at other dealers and with significant ADMs. Looking to get back...
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    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    This is the same BS GM was fighting with the vettes. At least Mary had the nuts to turn off the warranty’s on those cars that flipped. Chris….. Where’s your set?
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    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    Google “Ford earnings transcripts q2 2022” and look for the question from Adam Jonas @ Morgan.
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    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    On Ford’s earnings call last year Farley was embarrassed AF when an analyst called out that very point. Dealers were making 3x margin Ford was on every new vehicle. Here we have a sales guy stating $70k lift on first sale and assuming they bought it back for $140k now getting another $30k on the...
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    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    I was literally going to post a question for those that purchased with a $40k ADM if they’d do it all over again and then this hits at a buck eighty…..
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Tom Brady’s rig? Of course it is….
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    Gas Guzzler

    Learn something new every day. Thx buddy.
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    Gas Guzzler

    I’ve looked to no avail. Anyone seen insight on the gas guzzler tax for the R? At 14 MPG I’d suspect it’s in the 5k range.
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    Is the F150 Raptor R Worth $110K

    Any insight you can share on your plans? Inquiring minds…. :)
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    Built Resale Raptor

    This blows me away…. The mere fact there is a scumbag broker who purchased one of the first produced R’s from a scumbag dealer and now listed prior to being in hand for a ~$55k premium….. Way to alienate your base. Ford needs to fix this crap. High probability this rig is destroyed on YouTube...
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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    That way you’ll get someone’s hand written signature on top of the blower That in itself is worth the 30k markup
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    Can Ford excessive prevent ADMs?

    It’s heading that way. Farley was embarrassed AF when an analyst asked him why his dealers were making 3x the margin on new cars than Ford was. Let that soak in for a second…… It’s the same crap if anyone on this board chases bourbon for the holidays. A bottle of Pappy 20 msrp’s for $220 yet...
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    Can Ford excessive prevent ADMs?

    How is it your R with no signed agreement yet in your name. Not tracking here.
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    2023 Raptor R slower than TRX

    Ha….. Milwaukee all day long