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  1. rschap1

    2019 hit on right front, $29K repair woes...USAA sucks!

    Sorry to hear this. 1st, truck can either be fixed or replaced. Hope injuries aren't bad, and speedy recovery. After being in a few wrecks, do keep long term issues in mind as mentioned. There is a place not far from me that is constantly selling repaired Raptors. Most often ads read that they...
  2. rschap1

    2010 SVT 5.4 Exhaust Manifold help

    Not a Raptor... But did an older 5.4 in an earlier Expedition, and remember taking the front tire and plastic fender well liner out. Even though it was a pain, had access to the head studs that way. And the exhaust pipe hook up was got at by laying on back underneath. I recall getting the...
  3. rschap1

    Picked up my 24!!

    Congrats Looks like fun !!! Enjoy
  4. rschap1

    Who did it? Dubs edition

    Had this pop-up earlier. Wondered who is parting with their 1st Gen Dubs edition??
  5. rschap1

    New Member from Miami FL - Need recs on color swap

    Mary Kay side hustle
  6. rschap1

    IWE Vacuum Hose Replacement

    ^ Once I took a few minutes to look over what the line sets actually are, I just used some tubing and zip ties and replaced it all.
  7. rschap1

    North Rim Twin Point Overlook

    Awesome view :)
  8. rschap1

    Eclipse shots.

    The best I could do. It was nice, warm, clear, and sunny. Just had a rough time juggling glasses in front of phone's camera lens, zooming, and keeping glasses right distance from phone...
  9. rschap1

    New from Pensacola FL

    Congrats Enjoy the Raptor
  10. rschap1

    Took a hit in Baja

    Co-worker recently had bedside on his Ram done. It was an insurance repair and included some minor repair to cab corner, bill was just over $15k. Didn't look like nearly as much sheetmetal damage as yours, but needed bedside none the less. Good luck with repair.... or fiberglass
  11. rschap1

    Finally here - First raptor

    Congrats Looks good Enjoy the Raptor :)
  12. rschap1

    2017 Raptor For Sale (30k in upgrades) - $47,500

    X2 Looks like a fun ride !!!
  13. rschap1

    GEN 1 Mystery Dash Reading - What IS this?

    I was going to say "pause" also after seeing the icon in the pic... Maybe you can engage that mode once of the ground and see if "hang time" holds... :)
  14. rschap1

    6.2L gen1; Name this noise please?

    I dunno.... things that do not break, don't need repair... that is even better than having to d.i.y. :)
  15. rschap1

    IWE on a 2020 Rappy

    Even just before replacing mine, I had a VERY difficult time hearing any noise at all. Only time I would notice from the driver's seat was with window down and slowly driving next to something that the noise could echo off of; like a guard rail, fence, hedge row, something like that. Otherwise...
  16. rschap1

    New from NE TN

    Congrats Enjoy the Raptor
  17. rschap1

    6.2L gen1; Name this noise please?

    I'll have to keep the purge valve in mind for myself if I the need arises... I was going to mention that I had an exhaust leak a long time ago that I was sure was valve train. Studs were ate away, manifold had cracks, and broken section of manifold would "slap" the head. In case it doesn't turn...
  18. rschap1

    6.2L gen1; Name this noise please?

    Anything going on with the serpentine accessories/drive? Might try running for a few seconds without belt to see if noise still there or not... About my only guess from the video.
  19. rschap1

    Silver Lake Shakedown 2024!

    Make sure all behavior is "ethical" and look out for the Teslas.
  20. rschap1

    New Member Virginia

    Welcome Enjoy the Raptor
  21. rschap1

    Newest Preferred Vendor Paragon Truck Bed Covers

    X2 covers look nice
  22. rschap1

    New FRF User

    Good luck with the Raptor when it arrives