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    Break in & robbery

    The great state of Texas and ya'll can't stop someone from doing this? Are they doing this in daylight?
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    Break in & robbery

    Sorry to hear this. Madness out there. Wonder why they targeted your RAPTOR or any RAPTOR? Does RAPTOR equal rich or what nots?
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    New member from TN

    Hallo Welkommen.
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    2019 Raptor ADV Widebody on 37s

    Pics as usual.
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    Garage sale

    Say Thank you another 90 times and you should be in bro..
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    Official Raptor R Modification Thread

    FYI I'm jealous. I hope all of your cam phasers break.. wait.... LOL.
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    Thinking about buying this truck. What do i need to look out for?

    PPI Cam Phaser done? If not, have them checked for. These most hated issue with a GEN 2 RAPTOR
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    Its not looking good boys...

    I can't post a video, front of the engine is in pieces at the shop... It literally sounds like CAM PHASERs 101. Replaced them with the upgraded ones from FORD. What are the odds that the new upgrades ones are also damaged?
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    Its not looking good boys...

    Thanks folks. Earl was checked before I sent her in and it was indeed low...
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    Its not looking good boys...

    No new updates. Well it had all the signs of cam phasers and the shop has done phasers before so I assume its all part of the program with them. I have since then looked up engine replacements. I found a shop who has refab 3.5 ecoboosts for $4800... When they sell these refab or refurbished...
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    Gen 2 build, late to the party.

    You're my hero. Sign my chest.
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    Its not looking good boys...

    I may cry. Truck been in the shop for three weeks for camphaser repair with the updated ones because of massive chattering. They did the replace, still chattering. They are speaking about possible bad piston or some other madness. Is it possible to get a bad set of cam phasers from damn...
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    2024 Initial Thoughts

    Anyone else think that first photo was in Chinese? LOL. I was like, WHAT THE FK AM I looking at oh...issa heads up display, dummy.
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    Gen 4 500hp dark horse V8

    This thread is fkingn lit... LOL. Alright, two glasses of wine in. Here I go..
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    Gen 4 500hp dark horse V8

    Ok so... page 27. We getting v8s across the board or staying with this cam phaser hell ecoboost?
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    THE HELL going on in here?! Let that man sell his RAPTOR R for 100k over. We need a 1% fee, per person, call it a FRF Fee, k thx hugs.
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    New engine and build question

    Congrats! Keep us updated. Mine just went under the microscope for upgraded CAM FKING PHASERS. That cash was going to be used for my third wife's BBL but I guess she'll have to be flat for a while...
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    180000 mile 2017 raptor?

    WELP. Officially have the cam phaser chatter. Going to the shop tomorrow. 174k.
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    Any northeast raptor meets or rausch creek meets

    Let me ask... How long does one trail take or is it guided touring? Also - can I anticipate actually being stuck?
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    Raptor Regret?

    The Gen 1 was lighter?
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    Everytime I see that photo... The fking HEIGHT that he got up to... man...
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    Welcome to the dark side.