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    What tire’s would you recommend for the quietest ride on my gen2: OEM wheel size, 99+% of the time on road, no snow (GA)?
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    GEN 2 Best Octane vs. Cheapest to Run

    It will run better on premium than regular. Use your choice of top tier brands.
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    Where do you park your raptor?

    Mine lived in the garage before his little brother arrived
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    Replace color keyed fenders

    IMHO in the grand scheme of things the color matching is a small thing. If the truck you found is the right price and optioned the way you want, buy it.
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    “Raptor” engraved Aluminum pedal set

    Shiny or frosted? Smooth or anti-slip?
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    Length of Gen 2

    510 pound-feet will take care of that pesky garage wall.
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    GEN 2 KO2 Tyre pressures on snow on dirt

    The data above is correct. At that location the "as-built" values are: xxxx 2626 xxxx. '26' in hexadecimal = 38, the PSI on the placard. I reprogrammed it to xxxx 2020 xxxx. '20' in hexadecimal = 32. I inflate the front tires to 32 psi and rear tires to 28 psi. I no longer get TPMS low...
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    GEN 2 KO2 Tyre pressures on snow on dirt

    I believe I modified 726-40-01 in BCM, but let me check/confirm.
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    GEN 2 KO2 Tyre pressures on snow on dirt

    I think about 8 psi low triggers the warning light. Nominal is 38 psi. Running the rears at 28 psi set it off.
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    GEN 2 KO2 Tyre pressures on snow on dirt

    This is what I started running after Raptor Assault as well. I also used Forscan to reset the TPMS to stop the low pressure warnings (after learning hexadecimal notation). Better traction/larger contact patch, and better ride (purely subjective).
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    2018 w/ 10k miles. Hard 4th to 5th shift?

    I believe you will need to have it done by the dealer.
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    2020 Raptor prices sky rocketing???

    $5,000.00 below MSRP: Winder, GA
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    2020 Raptor - Starting Issues

    Remember you can also disable ESS by pulling one plug under the dashboard.
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    Ford Bed-Mount ramps and compatibility with other accessories.

    Mine definitely required re-engineering. Some work with a file + brute force ultimately overcame the problem.
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    Speed limiter 107mph

    107+ ... I like the fact that my truck is sporty but if you want a Sports car buy one.
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    Buying New 2019 Tomorrow. Are there firmware/software updates I should ensure dealer installs?

    I heard 32F and 28R when I was at Raptor Assault for general on/off road use. The only issue is TPMS warnings which is easily corrected with ForScan.
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    Morimoto XB headlights

    They do go on sale periodically.
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    REAR usb charging port door broke off

    You have to remove the rear panel of the center console like installing an E&G gun safe and replace it from behind the panel. There are good videos detailing the process. I had the same problem. This might be a good time to install a gun safe.
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    Carbon Fiber Door Panel Piece Replaceable?

    I’m reasonably sure you can replace the panel only. After market companies sell CF inserts. I’m not sure this company is still in business and they are pricey, but here’s an example.
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    Tailgate unexpectedly opening.

    I had the same issue. I assumed it was the keyfob remote button being inadvertently pressed while in my pocket. I used Forscan to deactivate the remote release, and have had no further problems.
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    CPO’d ‘18 raptor questions

    I have the plastic oil pan. 13,000 miles, 18 months, no oil pan issues. As stated earlier in the thread, 55k seems like an average price. If you like the truck, buy the truck.
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    CPO’d ‘18 raptor questions

    I’ve had my 2018 for 18 months and no cam phaser issues. It seems to be getting better the longer that I drive it. I can’t comment on the first half of your question.