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  1. melvimbe

    NEW! Stage Series HitchMount LED Pod Kit | The BEST 5 Minute Mod!

    Kind of like how you could use a toilet to do your laundry.
  2. melvimbe

    Running boards

    Yes, people have. Most I've seen have either removed them entirely or gone with a retractable running board. That doesn't sound like what you're looking for. I'm not aware of any designed specifically to keep mud off your truck, since that's not exactly what they are built for. There is...
  3. melvimbe

    Syneticusa Tonneau

    I haven't had any issues with my retrax. Been about 2 years now. The minor thing I noticed about the Synetrac OP has is that it has locks/latches on both sides. That would annoy me to have to lock/latch both sides every time.
  4. melvimbe

    NEW! Stage Series HitchMount LED Pod Kit | The BEST 5 Minute Mod!

    I wouldn't think Ford would really care too much about whether or not aftermarket accessories they have nothing to do with will work with their new design. There are exceptions of course. I bet Ford decided to keep the bed size the same so that bed covers from the previous Gen work with the...
  5. melvimbe

    Gen 3 Windshield Replacement

    Question #1 sounds a bit odd as GEICO surely has the VIN and know exactly what vehicle they are insuring.
  6. melvimbe

    Skid Plate Clip

    I've had good luck finding stuff like that at the local auto parts store (Autozone, O'Rielly's etc). I wouldn't expect to find that at a hardware store. That said, a quick Amazon search for "bolt retaining clip" returns lots of options. Right one depends on bolt thread size.
  7. melvimbe

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds

    I think a lot of people view the marker lights, appliques, etc as just generic styling rather that specific Raptor characteristics. I think it's understandable in some cases. If you don't know that marker lights are DOT required, you don't realize it looks silly on a standard width vehicle...
  8. melvimbe

    How many years will the Raptor R be made for?

    There is no way Ford is going to downgrade the Raptor HP by downgrading from TTV6 to V8. Having a V8, TTV6, and SCV8 is extremely unlikely, but 20 times more likely than V8 and SC V8 lineup. It depends on what's actually occurring in the refresh/upgrade. If the part that gets refreshed on the...
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    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    Raptors aren't commodities, but that's irrelevant to the point I think. I certainly agree with you that customers have a right to shop around and look for a better deal if they wish, and 3rd party have a right to tell customers when it's a bad deal. There are some circumstance where other...
  10. melvimbe

    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    If the market is well above OEM, than someone is set to make a large profit somewhere. It's either Ford, the dealer, or the first owner who wants to flip it for a quick profit. Ford would have to put in a program to prevent resale for the 1st 6th month or something, or perhaps some some sort...
  11. melvimbe

    Question about odd electrical noises after truck is sitting 36 hours?

    Does your Raptor have a deception logo on the vehicle somewhere?
  12. melvimbe

    Have two Raptor R available - AG & AB

    I don't have a problem with the price. If there are buyers who want to buy at that price, then fine. But let's not pretend there was any special circumstance or act of altruism involved somehow. It's just capitalism. Using FRF for marketing, without paying the vendor fee is pretty lame, as in...
  13. melvimbe

    HELP- Removing Front License Plate Bracket

    Make you throw on a glove before you start drilling in to her.
  14. melvimbe

    Painted Fender Flares

    Almost everyone who paints the fenders paints that piece as well. We see that all the time.
  15. melvimbe

    Painted Fender Flares

    Also, I believe these are your tail lights (I like them, have them myself) I can't tell what the brake lights are...
  16. melvimbe

    Painted Fender Flares

    Agreed those look OEM painted. They also painted the piece between the rear fender and bumper (I forget what it's called). FYI, those taillights and 3rd brakelight are aftermarket. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some custom lighting/paint in the front as well. Might want to post a pic...
  17. melvimbe

    Leaky rear output seal normal?

    taken out of context, sounds like skid marks on your undies to me.
  18. melvimbe

    Help on color

    Given that information, I still couldn't tell you whether you like the color or not.
  19. melvimbe

    Help on color

    You're asking people to tell you what colors you like? Or is there some sort of concern you have? Showing dirt/scratches, what do the ladies like, etc.
  20. melvimbe

    Storage Solution Question

    You'll still have it, just that the passenger side will be about a foot higher than the drivers side. If they can't handle the height difference, build in a slope. This seems 10 times better than trying to place heavy luggage above the dogs.
  21. melvimbe

    2024 Raptor

    That's sort of the problem with self driving in general. We're in the between stages where between drive it yourself and actual self driving where it's more trouble than it's worth. Unless you just enjoy the drama of making something more difficult than it needs to be (I do not), or have some...
  22. melvimbe

    Storage Solution Question

    Then don't cover the entire rear floor with the box. I have 2 collapsable boxes I place on the floor, each covering half the cab space. I use two for longer trips, but for short trips, I only use one. I have an older dog that can't make the jump anymore, and I actually have to pick him up...
  23. melvimbe

    Modifying 37 graphics

    yes, but if you're having a custom lettering made to go over the vinyl, you're probably better off just removing the original vinyl and placing a complete new one on the quarter panel.
  24. melvimbe

    Storage Solution Question

    Why not just build a box of sort on the floor the dog can stand on? Seems like it would be easier, and retain visibility. Dog can see better too.