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    Need Opinions - Morimoto Triple 4 Banger Fogs

    What do you guys think? I bought these and installed them with their Harness that powers all at once. I think I want to be able to run each pair individually. I could hack the harness and add multiple switches. Seem to recall there was a solution with nice harnesses out there.
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    New to me 2013 Raptor

    Thanks guys, appreciate it very much.
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    New to me 2013 Raptor

    Hi folks. Thought I would introduce myself to the group. We just picked this one up. Not new to the car/truck scene. Have a 2001 Lightning and 1993 Cobra I drag race (8.80's at 152 N/A). Sorry to introduce myself and then ask a question. I need to replace the upper blend door actuator...