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    2023 Raptor R need to lower 2"

    theres no high speed here in denver area. we always go to wyoming for that. as far as fitment, being that you have an hoa, you arent doing much unfortunately
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    New member from TN

    morning.......... cue all the effin tn people.
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    Avoiding theft

    i dont know anybody in houston. but maybe the haro guys will know. i travel to do installs and tuning..... travel for an alarm install will be a first, hahaha
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    Where to ground the sub amp

    not that i habe seen. most are around 2ohm. but it does vary between vehicles.
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    Replacement Backup Camera

    yeah. but the new camera needs to be programmed
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    Spare tires/wheels when off trail

    this is what i do. one in the bed, one in oem location. it allows me to keep a bed cover so the rest of the stuff can remain covered/protected.
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    Avoiding theft

    pulling codes from an aftermarket alarm system is much harder than the oem key signal. there is a lot you can do to make it difficult to prevent theft, but also steps you can take to track after theft. i have a seperate battery connected to my gps module so if power is disconnected, the backup...
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    Where to ground the sub amp

    if you dont want to go to the battery, there is a factory ground on the back wall about halfway up on either side of the truck.
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    NEW! Ambassador Program | Apply, Share, & Earn | Diode Dynamics

    hmmmm..... im kinda active here.... and the wife moderates the facepage side of frf, but i dont necessarily need lights. do you provide products to test?
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    Water heater

    black pipe around or on top of the cabin. heats up all day so when you shower in the evening, its warm for you. that will be $2499.99 please. the service charge is an excellent deal. i take paypal, venmo, and msrp raptor r allocations as forms of payment
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    Garage sale

    he is all yours.
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    Any of the gen 1 6.2 L motors Flex fuel?

    you have to program the truck to use e85. a few have done this. from what it seems, all the fuel components are the same compared to a superduty. there were claims that seals among other things needed to be changed, but from what i see, that isnt the case
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    Garage sale

    they could have bought big blues ass when it was on sale. that would have been the easiest way
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    Newly acquired 2024 F150 Raptor

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    morning.......... is ford performance now. no longer svt
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    Waterfowler 41 Intro!

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    New Member in VA

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    New from Pensacola FL

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    Eclipse shots.

    thanks to @Meat2022 for his pic of the eclipse. it is such an awesome pic, but he didnt want to share it for some reason
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    Eclipse shots.

    you wont. its a great shot
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    4WD/Transfer Case/Front diff Banging and Grinding Noise

    ford states you can engage 4wd at any speed. however its best to not be moving when you do it. much leass chance of the grinding banging into 4wd. but you are correct in not wanting to turn on tarmac due to excessive traction which can/will break an axle.
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    High mileage owners please check in

    shoulda given him a yugo first. work up to the raptor
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    High mileage owners please check in

    where the fúck have you been? you effin schitnburger, quarterpounder, whatever