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  1. Fireman Dave

    Ford premium maintenance plan

    I got my extended warranty thru Ziegler Ford. They were almost 500 dollars cheaper than Flood. Promo code was payinfull for an additional 400 off.
  2. Fireman Dave

    Raptor sighting

    Motorcycle forums too
  3. Fireman Dave

    Raptor Assault 2024

    We are both right. Looks like there is a 5/22-5/23 and a 5/23-5/24.
  4. Fireman Dave

    Raptor Assault 2024

    I just booked May 22 - 23. Looking forward to it!
  5. Fireman Dave

    2023 Gen3 37PP-steering wheel thumping/tapping feeling.

    That truck would have been long gone back to Ford if it were mine. Let them have it back and get another one. They are out there.
  6. Fireman Dave

    Ford Performance Carbon Fiber Kit

    Rollin on 24's Anyone wanting that stuff would surely want to be rollin' on 24's too.
  7. Fireman Dave

    Free Bed Rack in SF Bay Area. Local Only

    Nicely Done!
  8. Fireman Dave

    Advice on How to Proceed QUE THE BUYBACK!

    I'm sure your a good guy and have some valid concerns but just being honest, your pretty much hitting every stereotype of a Californian that wants to hire a lawyer the minute things aren't going his way and only trying one solution, i.e. dealer. (Sorry, midwest perspective here.) LOL The...
  9. Fireman Dave

    New member

    Welcome from South Bend. Ya better get a picture up quick, these guys will eat you alive. LOL
  10. Fireman Dave

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    I was disappointed on my PPF as well. Went to a reputable shop and really paid up for it. I didn't expect it to be so noticeable as far as paint reflection differences between the PPF areas and the non coated panels. (was ceramic coated as well.) There are a few places on the leading edge of the...
  11. Fireman Dave

    Gen2 Raptor in Germany

    willkommen to FRF! Nice truck!
  12. Fireman Dave

    Just bought yesterday. Asheville, NC area

    Welcome and Congrats!
  13. Fireman Dave

    **SOLD** 2022 37PP | Blue Recaro Seats | Antimatter Blue | Fully Loaded | 9.75K Miles

    Well, the end of the year has passed. Assuming you took the $72K offer?
  14. Fireman Dave

    Dash cam mirror tap not working on 2023?

    I have used that brand for several issues on my previous and present Raptor and Bronco with zero issues. I believe in this case the gentleman has a camera that requires more voltage and is not supported. Works on my Garmin just fine and there is no chance of damaging the wiring, completely plug...
  15. Fireman Dave

    Heated Steering option to be installed by dealer at no extra cost to customers!

    I spoke to my dealer today. Mine was built in June of 2023 and they will do this for me. Apparently a new SCCM and some programming. I would have preferred the hard button but am happy I will at least have it. Well done Ford.
  16. Fireman Dave

    Finally found the Raptor I wanted without market adjustment

    Happy New Raptor Day! Rapid Red is my favorite color choice as well.
  17. Fireman Dave

    Interior Windshield Light Bar

    I was just curious about bounce back against the windshield at night. I have run emergency lights over the years that were pretty obnoxious with bounce back into the cabin.
  18. Fireman Dave

    GEN 1 How much can I sell my raptor for with all the mods?

    On a stock 2014 Raptor with 110K miles in very good condition, Kelley Blue Book says: Trade in of $23,500 - $27,500 and Private Party Sale at $25,300 - $29,700. I have learned this lesson the hard way in the past and if your LUCKY, you will get .50 cents on the dollar for your mods, and likely...
  19. Fireman Dave

    New Owner lol

    Welcome and Congrats! You have good taste in truck colors. ;)
  20. Fireman Dave

    $150 2015-2020 Bed Extender + $10 in hardware from Home Depot = $795 Ford 2011-2023 Bed Extender

    I have had the same one in a 2017, 2019 and moving it to my 2023. In the past all the holes for the bolt did not have threads and you simply self tapped the bolts into them creating threads. On the last one I purchased the appropriate tap to make it even easier. Has the hole size changes for...
  21. Fireman Dave

    2024 Raptor will MSRP for $77,980

    I built a truck identical to my recently received 2023, it's roughly $5K more.
  22. Fireman Dave

    New Gen 3!

    Welcome and beautiful truck!
  23. Fireman Dave

    SW Michigan 2nd Gen Here

    First time I have seen a 2 headed dog. Welcome and great looking truck!