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    Gen3 - RSI Smartcap is here!

    Got it. Thank you. I currently have a GFC Topper, and the translucent roof keeps things pretty cool. Was hoping to go to something with side windows, but a little apprehensive about the all steel design of the smart cap.
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    Gen3 - RSI Smartcap is here!

    Since it's all metal, how hot do these get in the summer?
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    Software Updates

    Anyone else get the latest connectivity update, then their truck shows battery and brake faults, with a message popping up every time it turns off saying low power mode? Idles higher too.
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    Eibach Springs Available and In Stock for your Gen 3 Raptor Here at Apollo Optics!

    If I’ve got 400lbs in the bed, would I be able to run the 1inch front eibach spring with the HD rears? Looking to maintain some rake. Seems like if you go the full 2.2 fronts it will be dead even again. Have a 23 raptor 35
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    Eibach 1” front w/ 1.5” rears

    Where can you get the HD version/what’s the difference?
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    FS: Gen3 37pp OEM Beadlock Wheel takeoffs

    If still for sale I’ll buy them right now
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    2024 F-150

    It's funny because unlike classic Texas pretenders who wear trash camo to bbq, I'm actually an avid duck hunter, fly fisherman, and mountain biker. But I still love Starbucks
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    2024 F-150

    You say that like it's a bad thing
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    2024 F-150

    Allocations just hit dealers this morning. Thank god my guy has one and I got it. 24 Shelter Green here I come
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    Raptor T-case

    I guess I’ve never really looked that close, but is this normal that we’ve got some leaking of the t-case? 4,000 miles.
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    Gen 3 Raptor 37 Geiser Rear coils install + pics

    Is this with just the rpg 1.5 and stock springs and then geisers only in the rear? How is the ride with two different springs if thats the case?
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    Anyone done 1" Camburg spacers

    What do you mean by too much? Thinking of how to net an extra inch of lift front and rear for true 37s
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    And so it begins......

    It actually doesn't. How does that fact make my position wrong? You're not even on 1st base bud. Everyone's running circles around you. What does "recalculating for them" mean? You're clueless.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    I literally said that was correct. Your position is that 8 inch wide wheels are lesser than 8.5 inch wide wheels... which is wholly incorrect and flawed.
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    ADD Phantom Front Bumper Question

    All aftermarket bumpers. Changing the stock location for the ACC module to an uncalibrated position will create some issues no matter what. Doesnt matter if ACC works for now, it will go south on you eventually when it doesn't like what you did lol.
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    And so it begins......

    Sounds like your truck wasn't liking the 37s you put on, and at some point you swapping into 4A/4H/4L with the extra rotational mass; combined with the stress of lower offset wheels putting stress on the entire 4wd system messed up the truck. User error.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    You have no idea what you're talking about bud, nor who I am. Go tell your wife you told a lawyer on the internet that his wheels were flowcast rather than forged, and that the $2,000 you spend per month on your financed truck makes you a BIG DOG
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    European alloys are better by far. HRE championships in street cruising or what... you should look up flowcast vs forged. Take a look in your "the google" search.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    You really don't know what Braids are huh. They win the Dakar rally year after year. Forged, handmade. HRE is some southern line-x your bumper stuff.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    If you can afford custom wheels, you should get some, bud! Line-X on your fenders and bumper is.... unique.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Is having an 8inch width wheel worse than an 8.5inch wheel? Also wanted to stand out rather than have wheels you can buy at Big O Tires.