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  1. brianh87

    Which Forscan

    I think there may be a lot of cheaper options out there these days, but I've never had any issues with my OBDLink EX.
  2. brianh87

    Boost Gauge Accuracy

    The way I understood it was that the Ford PCM targets load. It will only use whatever boost is needed to get to that load. So it may not always need max psi.
  3. brianh87

    New Owner lol

    Nice man, always liked the red raptors.
  4. brianh87

    Gold Certified from a dealer - found out 1 tire is out of round

    If you have the documentation from discount tire that states the tire cannot be balanced, share it with the sales / service manager at the dealership. They should be able to take care of you.
  5. brianh87

    Sun Visor Warning Label Covers

    I remember back in my Evo days, you could actually remove the sticker. It was a pita and took some time, but looked great once done. I honestly don't pay much attention to them these days.
  6. brianh87

    Tool to torque lower shock bolt

    Torque multiplier is the way to go for this one.
  7. brianh87

    2019 raptor crew cab interior leak help!

    I'd think it's more likely to be the condensate drain issue. I know supposedly not all F150's have the issue, but obviously you got something going on. You stated you haven't used AC, but that carpet padding holds water. It's almost impossible to dry out without removing it at least partially.
  8. brianh87

    Gen 2 Tailgate Badging

    The F150 logo didn't appear until the 2019 model year, I believe.
  9. brianh87

    AC Issues with New Refrigerant???

    I know the original post is old, but did the dealer really mix R1234YF with R134A? That just doesn't make any sense. The cost of R1234YF alone is much higher. And when we're talking ounces, it just would've been easier to evacuate and recharge completely.
  10. brianh87

    GEN 2 Bad rear wheel rattle

    The isolators on the leafs???
  11. brianh87

    GEN 2 Which plug should I go with Sp 550 or Sp578?

    I used the 594's on my stock Raptor. That's what the old plugs superseded to according to the research I did. And 133 in-lbs is straight from the service manual.
  12. brianh87

    Coolant question

    I agree. Get the concentrate and mix it yourself.
  13. brianh87

    Garage Sale - Several Sets of Wheels/Tires

    where are you guys located?
  14. brianh87

    Gen 2 fuel injector code (P21D2)

    I think the B injectors are the port injectors, not direct. It could be the injector or the wiring. I would maybe start by finding a wiring diagram and measure resistance on accessible harnesses.
  15. brianh87

    Will Gen 3 live valve fit Gen 2 trucks?

    I was wondering this myself. Anyone know the differences?
  16. brianh87

    Arrived at the dealer today...and the carrier driver does over $7000 damage NOW THE REST OF THE STORY

    Unfortunately that truck is never going to be the same truck that rolled off the assembly line. Some might be okay with that, but for the money a gen 3 commands, I would not be. No matter how good the people are doing the repairs, they're still under time constraints. You waited this long...
  17. brianh87

    Gen 2 overheating(?)

    Just wanted to add that my thermostat failed after getting phasers done. It wasn't obvious. Only real symptoms were the cooling fans would run balls to the wall. And CHT was higher than I remember. I threw in a thermostat myself. Truck is now back to normal. I boiled the old thermostat on...
  18. brianh87

    Drivers Seat Foam Awful, Replacement Part Number?

    After having done this, I do not believe the foams I listed could be used on the cooled seat version. They are only for 800A / 801A. The cooled version must be a different part number. A little trick I learned is to setup an account on Add your own Raptor vin. You can search...
  19. brianh87

    GEN2 OEM Live Valve coilovers with eibach springs

    Honestly, I'm looking for front live valves. I don't care about the springs. Maybe we could work something out?
  20. brianh87

    Odd noise while truck is parked

    I've heard it as well on mine. I swear it comes from the middle of the truck. Not the engine bay. I just figured it was normal. Just a pure guess, I thought it may have something to do with the evap system.
  21. brianh87

    Issues with KC Light Bar

    That's a lot of light for Aux switch 5. If I'm not mistaken, they are only 5-10 amp. Did you check the fuses? I would wire them to 1 or 2 or like the guy above me said, use a relay.
  22. brianh87

    Leaky rear output seal normal?

    Unfortunately, dealers may consider a "seep" normal. it is subjective.
  23. brianh87

    Need help with new pcm

    Ok, so I didn't realize the truck still ran and everything. PCM is probably okay. That actually makes it easy to do yourself though. Or just take it to the dealer. Make sure you let the dealer know about that service bulletin though. When using IDS, the software won't recognize an...
  24. brianh87

    Need help with new pcm

    Hmm, it does sound like it may be bad if you can't flash it at all. Actually, I just realized you have a gen1? You may be okay with the Pats part if you have both sets of keys. But I'm not sure about the software part then. I know some of the software is only for 18+.