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  1. Gdog

    Garage sale

    can we try "pound sand" let me the hell in?
  2. Gdog

    ‘23 AMB from TX

    Welcome NFG
  3. Gdog

    Another Mouth to Feed

    Pictures required
  4. Gdog

    Vanity plate ideas?

    Top right !!! SEARCH
  5. Gdog

    Giving UP 2024 Black Agate RAPTOR - Production Date 3/4/2024 :)

    May I ask which dealer in Denver?
  6. Gdog

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Bought the same battery online. Delivered to the house
  7. Gdog

    FNG intro - Gen 2

    Welcome FNG
  8. Gdog

    Gen 2 Used Raptor

    Would need service records and a car fax too
  9. Gdog

    Gen 2 Used Raptor

    Price is high. I’d offer 30
  10. Gdog

    2017 with ALL the OPTIONS + MORE

    Unfortunately Colorado law prohibits 22's on any raptor
  11. Gdog

    2017 with ALL the OPTIONS + MORE

    Murders on a roll today
  12. Gdog

    Gloss black ford stickers

    Did the carbon fiber overlay by tuffskinz
  13. Gdog

    New Gen 2 Owner in MO

  14. Gdog

    Hello from Colorado!

  15. Gdog

    Hello from Colorado!

    Considering I grew up in shit Louis and now living in Colorado it's a whole lot better here than stl misery
  16. Gdog

    Battery issue, Charging issue or BMS issue?

    May I ask if the reset for the BMS is in the settings array ?
  17. Gdog

    The F’in New Guy/Gen 2 owner

    Welcome NFG.
  18. Gdog

    Ford raptor down pipe

    D do you have any prove:p
  19. Gdog

    Checking in

    Isn't this the pic where the guy trashed his truck and went to the hospital?
  20. Gdog

    53000 Smokes like crazy in sports mode

    No pics, no intro.. no info in return