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    Current '23 R Market Conditions

    I was off but it didn’t sell either. That many miles took big hit. Another one on deck with low miles better gauge of gently used versus new purchase/flip.
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    The 2024 37" Package Ripoff

    Not that anyone’s buying the package for it but you get the HUD screens too ;-)
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    2024 build date???

    You can use to buy other Fords but not a Raptor, Gt350, or Gt500. Most of the times the special offers have excluded vehicles in the fine print. To date no rebates or special financing has been offered on any generation Raptor.
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    Official 2024 Raptor R Order & Delivery Thread

    BAT has a 2 owner 2023 R with over 20k miles. My bet is it clears $115k sales price, plus fees and travel/shipping. Few more days and results will be in.
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    Current '23 R Market Conditions

    Here is a chance to swing again for value; 2023 Avalanche 2 owner over 20k miles of course on bat. My money is it clears 115k ++ fees and travel. Wow
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    Duh he can’t afford to buy it but he wants you to pay him, lol. Even better 10% profit to WA for sales tax. Pretty hard on your best day to buy any R for under $130k OTD. At that price the Dealer and State make all the dough and you about to lose $10-15k. Such a clown couldn’t pay the taxes...
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    Assessment on current market conditions - thoughts?

    If you look over bat most all R’s are and have been over $130k. Earlier they were closer to $150k. When the 2024s are available at some dealers we should begin to see what the bottom is on gently used trucks. Currently they all sell for new prices, most are flipped or barely used. The cheap...
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    Current '23 R Market Conditions

    Wow!! I’d suspect a $10k difference, anything more is crazy!!
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    Pads and Rotors Recommendations

    Z06 has lots of little tweaks to get the most performance out of Vette. In the latest Vette it is over $50k bump, it is supposed to be a track monster. Right in the main text for differences, says larger tires and brakes with more HP and better aerodynamics. Wonder if any of those change braking...
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    Selling my Modified Gen 1 SVT RAPTOR SE within 1 hour on BAT!!!

    Be interesting to see if modified Raptors do well on BAT. Most of the Gen 3 have went RNM. This auction is No Reserve so high bidder will own it. GLWA
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    Tailgate step install?

    Only way to add a step is to switch tailgates. Try placing add on FB market place to swap. Every once in a while you find someone who wants to get rid of tailgate step. Best of luck ✌️
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    Assessment on current market conditions - thoughts?

    Ready to go on the lot in WA for $40k mark up. Have to believe they will negot. but never know if you don't try.
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    Wait for my ‘24 Base model or jump on ‘23 37pkg

    In Raptor land a truck in drive way beats a promise to get you one by about 15 million smiles. Many people say the no sunroof is better. I would take the open shade close shade 100% versus no view. Just know if you open sunroof at some point in the future it will more than likely break!! Yes...
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    Gold Certified from a dealer - found out 1 tire is out of round

    When the truck was bought new it included the tire Mfg warranty. The attached file I believe is how it works for the Raptor. Like other warranty items most are based on the original purchase date. My guess on certification it doesn’t add anything to the tire warranty. There might be some 1 year...
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    Ford Lightning....Total Garbage

    It is like the market has spoken you can get both the TRXs and Lightning at a discount. If you get an R at MSRP someone did you a favor because they are cheap selling for $135-140k. Sorta nice to see the market take a breather. We will see if 2024 Rs go back up to $150k+ with none available.
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    Where did all the Raptors go?

    Seattle has a ton more than ever for Gen 3. About 90 in 500 mile range when it was low 30s for many months. Rs are even showing at about 5-10% of total. Been very hard to find any 37s the entire time. I believe the 37s are mostly sold or are being made into Rs.
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    My Raptor R Alternative

    Been trying to take the leap but with a 63 split window vs R I couldn’t do it. Not a Prius but every kid from 60s and 70s wanted this or a 69 z/28. I know Ford loyalist have there Shelby’s still not a split window. Just stirring the pot but I think the Vette or z/28 only go up in value.
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    So you love a 2014 SCAB gen 1; uner 14k miles

    Not sure why pages say unavailable but works for me. It is at Autonation in Bellevue WA 98002 and asking price is $49,999. Who knows what buys it but it definitely can be eaten off of from what it looks like to me -;)
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    So you love a 2014 SCAB gen 1; uner 14k miles

    Can't believe it while I was out looking around at various rigs this one popped up locally. Anyone on Autotrader can finder her but I thought I might help someone out here!! I was going to go give it a ride myself but I find about twice a year I still need my SCREW...
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    Wanting to buy gen3 factory beadlock wheels

    Best place to find them is either Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. When the Bronco Raptor first shipped in my area many sets became available. Took me a good bit to land on an affordable set but finally did. Advantage of Broncos almost always a set of 5 and mine have a slightly different...
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    Market value for used 2023 R

    A little more toward used; here is one ready for negotiations ✌️
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    What price are you looking for on your Raptor?

    What price are you looking for on your Raptor?
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    Ford 24 F150 Live Event

    The Raptor is unveiled at the 35 min mark or so the R didn’t get but a slide with talking points. Green color looked pretty cool the tremor and the new grill definitely wins ugly award.
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    Pictures of 2024 Raptor Refresh

    One of the Raptors I was looking at had a stock photo but it looked like it had to be a 2024 and puke for me. I don't see any way with that new smaller FORD that it is going to be a decent looking front end. Perhaps they were going for a 30 mpg and someone said the uglier she looks the harder...
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    Raptor R made it home!

    Awesome R!! If the 2014 needs a garage because yours gets filled send me a PM, love white and sounds like a dream Gen 1. Thanks :cool: